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Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree
Author :Eslyna
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1 Prologue

Pahhh! Pahhh!

Heaviness, darkness. These were the first things that had hit upon him, as his mind began to awake. Accompanied with subtle pain, his brain activity slowly became active once more. He was alive.

His body felt hazy, almost as if he had not used it for a long time. As he tried to think back to what had happened, it was all clouded and hidden away from him. A secret. His mind was in shackles. It felt uncomfortable to him not being able to trace his origin.

He wondered where he was. All he could see was endless darkness. 'Isn't there supposed to be light?'. He remembered things he once experienced. The light that shined upon things, the air that gives numbing bites when it is cold out, or the heat that gave one a wish for the cold. All these emotions, feelings, they were all missing. He could not feel or sense a single one of these things.

Clenching the body of his, he attempted to find where he was. His body scrunched, trying to use his skin to feel, but was not able to feel anything underneath him. Trying to focus on his ears now, he managed to hear distorted sounds. They sounded muffled, covertly secluded away from him. It sounded like people whispering behind your back as you walk past.

'Are they people? What are those things?'

Trying to use his sense of smell, he wriggled his nose around taking breadths. It... oddly felt like there was no smell, more accurately an inability to sense things. He also felt a faint sense of things moving beside him, rubbing against him every so often.

'Wait are those doctors? Am I in a coma? A-A... vegetative state?'

"Help!? Someone!?"

A voice spoke out into the void, or more accurately to itself. Nothing responded back, all was empty… vacantly deserted away. Thinking perhaps it was only because he had just woken up, but then he scratched that out of his mind, otherwise why can't he do so many things?

Having fear grow in his heart, creeping up to him, he felt faintly light-headed. He was alone, or at least it seemed.

Deciding to investigate his situation, he squeezed every last part of his potential to learn of his current circumstances. His body felt heavier and more exhausted than he had ever experienced. Squeezed by things on his side as they moved passed, he focused his best to learn of what was going on.

Attempting to move his hands or legs now, he tested himself moving. Everything felt so heavy! It felt as if he had to carry a giant with his very own small body! Using all his strength, his body crawled ever so slightly forward. He had finally been able to function something of his body!

He squeezed himself from glee for completing his first objective. Him experiencing so many setbacks, he finally was able to do something he wished to do! Then he froze. Shock was the one word he was now experiencing. He discovered a horrifying truth. 'Wh-Where... are my limbs!?!?', with that his mind shut down once more.

"Wh-WHO AM I!?!?!? WHAT THE H*CK AM II?!?!?!", screaming his brains out, he took a faint to the abyss.


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