Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree
3 Thunder in his Midsts
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Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree
Author :Eslyna
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3 Thunder in his Midsts

The voice put a stop to everything he was occupied about. He did not understand what was happening. After all this time, there was someone here the whole time? Wasn't he supposed to be alone? What was he doing the whole time crying for? His valuable time was all wasted!

The voice, the person, were they hurt? He didn't want his first person he met to be dead. Even if he was blind, even if he was tone-deaf, even if he was conversationless, even if his nose was missing, and most probably very ugly, he wished for a companion. Someone he can talk to in this world.

He did not wish to be alone, nor will he allow it. He had vowed, from this moment forward to never let himself be a forced loner ever again! If that thing will not recognize him for the efforts he spent to save its life, he will kidnap it, keep it a slave! He will never leave chance to luck ever since his experiencing that god forsaken seat at the corner of the room! He will seize his chance!

Even if he did not here which direction the voice had come from, he had heard the direction with his deformed hearing. The buzz lasted a little longer, and was louder than the voice. The sound was also much more recognizable than the creepy Caspers on his shoulders too.

The person who needed help was in front of him! He did not know how long it will be to get there with his strange body of his, so he started his quest to have a friend! A best friend! A friend that will be forced to be his husband or wife, whether they wish or not! Until he finds replacements in the market, he will never let go!

Who cares if they are the only ones here in this world!? Who cares if they have different bodies!? Whomever dares tell him to f*** off at this moment, will receive the most imaginative pain from this very blob! If fat people can belly slap you, then he can also choke you to death with the mysterious substance of whatever the heck he is!

With his grand aura, he began his even grander movement. Squeezing with his body, like no squeeze ever before, his body jiggled, flapping forward little by little. The magnificent waves of his skin constantly moving, shapeshifting, would even shame sumo wrestlers to their death.

He could not see this extra part of his portrait, but as his body was moving the slightest forward this whole moment, liquid began leaking out of him. His proud excrements banned all those who wished to follow him. This was the stench of victory! A stench so vile, that is a natural poison for weed! He sadly will never notice this, and if he did, he would've added this in his future Hall of Fame moments in the future.

His body was moving, and moving. Going forward, like the wind that snails leave behind in their midst's! The fastest being in the world, for he had a target. The unknown play toy.

The eyes inside his mind shined, beaming as he imagined what he could do in the future. He was no long alone! There were beings in this place! That thing was hurt while he was still absolutely safe! If he had truly banged that duo in his past life, he will never regret it but will thank the heavens for it!

He was god here! A magnificent being! The ruler of this land! The Land of the Haunted! As long as there were more people that the duo cheated to behind his back, they would be sent here! Simply magnificent! He can have a blast for the rest of his life!

Jittering with pure excitement, he continued his epic. Thunder boomed in his wakes, as he sped at the immeasurable, unmeasurable speed of 2^-1B millimeters per hour, the trail was on fire! Burning with his imagination! His goal was closer! He knew that by the missing gut's feeling within him!

Byyzzz-! Byyzzz-!

That noise again! It is right there near him! He had victory beaming towards him!


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