Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree
4 Chihuahua Stalking Its Prey
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Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree
Author :Eslyna
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4 Chihuahua Stalking Its Prey

Byyzzz-! Byyzzz-!

It was the noise! The noise of the almighty toy! The thing was close to him now, actually close to him, just like how his dreams have blinded everything in reality away from him. This was his hope, his last straw.

Byyzzz-! Byyzzz-!

He noticed that the noise was more quieter than before. It was continuous. It felt automatic, mechanical, unliving. He slowed down the already very slow movement that he had. His hopes that he had earlier were shattering. Pieces were breaking apart inside his mind.

This sound he heard, was not of a life. This automatic noise was not his dream toy that he had fantasized over and over earlier. This thing was not living.

He was now cautious, trying to heighten all his senses. He focused on his hearing, and the continuously rubbing feeling on his skin, for these were the only receptors he can rely on.

He did not wished to be tricked, and never will be fooled by whatever brought him here. He was the smartest being on the planet, and can say that with no shame even till all of the universe falls. The noise repeated over and over. Sometimes more quieter than the others, while other times more louder.

Listening to the dark melody it sang, he crawled around the area he was hearing it from. He did not wish to go to close to that thing, for who knew what will happen? Therefor he decided to only touch, feel, and caress that damn thing.

He has already gone this far into the world, it would be a waste, to dispose of the little minutes he spent to get here. Who knew the next time he will get to bully something as a tiny god in this world? He needed to test if he can do something to this thing that is probably a machine.

It had dared to trick the great god him, therefore he must give it the pain it so hard desired. Crawling as close to the slithering thing on his bottom, he squirmed forward, like a chihuahua stalking its prey. He went forward toward the unknown, where none of his 9 generations had ever gone before.

He trekked onward, into the mist. He was a journeyman, and will never stop till he finds that dang thing. He shall kill it, and make it suffer the horrors he had experienced when he woke up. He knows if he stops now, he may never have a ounce of bravery again, so he continued forth!

As he continued forth he noticed that the slithering feeling towards his front side became denser and denser, more condensed the deeper he penetrated. More and more things were squirming beside him, as if attracted by something. Gradually he could even feel his back side be filled up more, trying to also push forward.

Even with all this, he did not cower back as he had already stepped so far into the abyss. Something in him told him that he could never be a man if he retreated, so he didn't stop.

After a short while, his body had hit something. It was like that of a shell. The outside of it was that of a sphere as thrice as big as him. The wall felt soft yet hard, an indescribable feeling. With the poke nothing bad had happened to him yet, so he decided to continue his experimentation.

[H-He… Help… Some-one…]


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