Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree
5 Crawling Over Its Horizons
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Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree
Author :Eslyna
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5 Crawling Over Its Horizons

[H-He… Help… Some-one…]

The prey has been voiced! As he had not been hurt, he decided to attack this wall. He squirmed, squibbled, and squabble over it to no avail. Hugged, groped, grappled, and slapped himself into the thing over and over. The thing was taking no damage, and he only kept hurting himself! Simply detestable! The other phantoms near him also were attacking it, they had finally found a common goal!

He finally started to take a liking to those creeps. Their likable points grew inside his mind, and he started to value his neighbors more. This was his land! Even if he hated this place, he was born here and should never betray his homeland! He will fight for his hometown!

He decided to never forgive this sphere for the rest of his life now, as it had humiliated him. He will never tolerate this! He threw himself harder, sprayed liquids at him, and even tried saying ridiculous phrases to test for a secret password.


Nothing was working! He will however never give up! He wished to succeed to prove his worth to all the phantoms near him! He kept attacking, more vigorous and faster than before. He kept thrashing his heart out into that thing, hoping to crack apart this egg. He wished to redeem a new reputation, and get rid of the history of where he had cowered.

He was now a soloist, who even the ghosts nearby can only cower against. A virus against this thing, the natural enemy, the biggest predator of the ecosystem, he was the self-proclaimed god of this region! He hit, hit, and hit! He punched, kicked, and slammed! He tried every way he can possibly think of to damage this little abnormality in his territory. All dangers will be destroyed before him!

That thing was the demon king of the world, and he was the hero! He will be the savior! He will be the idol of all freaky inhabitants of his kingdom. Even if they scared him every second, they were his citizens! He shall fight for the land that they love!

He was a speedster, a thief, an assassin displaying his magnificent artforms onto the canvas of the wall. Hitting all corners of every possible point of its outer body. He was a flash of blob creating history! Crawling all over its horizons, pushing all other slitherers away! This was the king's job! How can he let them do his work!?

[I-Is… that you?]

A clearer voice was unleashed from that thing that trolls with people's lives. The mechanical voice which turned brighter, as if happy, he shall ignore it though, this thing dared toy with my innocent heart! He thought to himself, he must be starting to feel fear before me! He jiggled with glee, happiness, he was closer to completing his task. He squirmed himself faster, like a cleaner making sure to clean every spot. A cleaner of the heavens!

To think that earlier he was honestly thinking to swallow the humiliation from this beast and stop. Some parts on his body he could not feel anymore, zero feeling. The rest of his body was sore all over and pricked him of pain like the torture in the 36th level of Hell. Now hearing the voice scared from him, how can he not sacrifice himself for a great cause!?


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