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Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree
Author :Eslyna
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6 Thanos

The moment he had noticed his body releases liquids earlier, he peed out his slime all over this stupid thing! Now that he heard it cower in fear from the strength of him, he shook his blubber even more! Shakes with enough power and form like that of the Earth trembling. He scribbled with his mysterious liquid faster all over this thing! Sucking up his old slime while at it, he tried to dismiss even more fresher ones from his body.

He was like the 'Little Me' from a certain video game, journeying across the world with his giant steps, or more accurately the squashed body of his. Thinking it would be enough, he decided to attack it with invisible fists once more!

Him getting the hang of this even more, he was able to dance away with his weird body, constantly attacking the thing to no end! Front end, back end, diagonal end, side end, and every end of his body took turns flipping to meet his opponent. Even if it pained him every time, and even more the more he continued, he repeated the cycle.

Creating beautiful fighting techniques of grand masters, he fought and moved every single moment. Finally then his efforts had paid off! With his very sore body, and places he could not feel anymore, he felt this was every bit worth it, for he had won! Overcome its humiliation! Who cares if some parts of him are now disabled!? He had won!

[Its… y-you-]

'Ha? Its voice had cut off?' He was now even more excited, his opponent could not even leave its last words to the great him! He was like Thanos! Instakilling every single enemy he had ever faced, just like him, how he had now instakilled this demonic being. He had just exorcised a scourge off this world.

The wall which was once firm had become to crack. The egg had been broken, and now he shall see what yolk will be his reward. A big crack gouged in front of him, dipping into the egg, while the rest of the spots were still firm.

Peering his body into the space by crawling over the edge and taking a peep, his vision began to fill with something. Light began to fill his vision.

'Ah it is just some white light'

Seeing it was just light he was disappointed, after using all of his efforts to get a waste of a reward. 'Wait LIGHT?', excited he noticed that there was something wrong. He had no vision! How can he see!?

The light began to fill his vision, more gradually pouring into every ounce of his vision. Light! However then pain had attacked him! He felt burning, it felt like things constantly bit him at all sides, taking a deeper bite every time! The pain was excruciating to him, the most pain he had felt since his longest memory!

'AGHHHHHH!', he screamed in agony inside his mind. The light was not beautiful at all! It was simply pandora's box, a creation of nightmares to him! Endless pain attacked him on every possible level of the mind. His mind crackled and shook. Pieces of his huge IQ and EQ stripped away, torn into pieces, pain!

If there was any blood in his body, it would be all pouring out at this moment through every possible outsource. He felt like he was dying! This was the feeling of death!


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