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Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree
Author :Eslyna
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8 Diluted

Tuttuttutt-... Tuttuttutt-...


'Huh, what happened to me?'

He… was falling, and the pain… He felt a heavy notion of dejavu currently. This experience was basically exactly like what had happened when he came to before.

'Am I alive?... No… I should've died-, did I just get born again?'

He felt heavy, constricted, essentially the same as when he regained his consciousness, born into this world filled with darkness. His senses were back to normal though, well at least the 'normal' for this new life of his. The endless brightness and torture had disappeared. Doing that crazy thing was very traumatic to him, he never wished to ever attempt anything similar to it ever again. What he did was literally playing with death.

Staring at the vast blackness, the absence of light he felt was comfortable and delicate to him. This was what home should feel like. Hearing the dense random horrific noises in the background he became relaxed. There was no more fighting with threats while being a man in black. He can finally be a free man, live a retired life, slowly forgetting his already appeared PTSD disorder.

His body was finally calm after the intense battle and life crisis. He felt like a lily within a pond, sweet and protected. The more he thought about it, the more he felt it was comfortable and acceptable to live his current lifestyle. It had zero danger and one hundred percent safety. It was a normal lifestyle.

Although it will be boring living with nothing to do, he is sure he can find something. If the worst also comes, he can attempt making friends with one of the many horrors out there. His neighbors did not seem as smart as him though, plus not to mention the fact that they betrayed him… but they were his kin, and he could not ignore them.

Brrrreeeeeee- . Brrrreeeeeee-.


With a shudder, he felt haunted. He swear on his life he had heard something while he was thinking about what path his future will be.

'Is this thing still after me???'

Crossing his liquids that it is not, he quickly focused on his senses. It was better to be safe than sorry. His diluted hearing was still the same, no smell, no taste, and no sight. Everything was good.


He then quickly noticed that although he still heard the phantoms, he was still falling… He felt no slithering or rubbing whatsoever on his body. He was no longer being groped by everyone. There was something even more wrong with his situation though. Even though there was nothing, and he was falling,- he felt no pain,- only the slightest amount of movement from the side where he was shooting towards.

'I'm still falling!?', he should've been out for a while, and already been falling long enough before that, and now he is still falling! How in the world did this make any sense!?? Why was he not dead yet?!? How the heck was he alive!?!?

Briiiii-! Briiiii-!

[HOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] A brazen sweet yell answered back to him with heightened anger.

'WH^T TH3 HBLL!', screaming and spurting out with the little liquids that he had left, he had been scared out of his invisible man parts once again.


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