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Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree
Author :Eslyna
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9 Airpods

Fuuuu-! Shuuu-!

Plunging in a blank world, endlessly sinking at the speed of light, he was falling towards the abyss. Death awaited him, his fate was ruined. All that was left for him, was to disappear from this world. This was his destiny, the inheritance the people who brought him here had left to him.

He was speeding across the dark cosmos, one he could not see not touch. The ending was unknown and so was the time that he had left. The little peace that the place had forsakened for him, was now abandoned.

There was the voice, the voice that had caused his demise. It was this that had haunted him since he had woken up... The voice said- NO it must've of been his imagination, yes, yes it was his imagination. How can that thing be here!? Heh-

The number one enemy of his, the one who made him feel like the most sourest apple on all the ranches on this planet. The enemy of his apparently decided to do a suicide attack, a kamikaze to die together, and not only itself.

[Wh-Wha-t? Su-Su-Suicide???], a demon sounded.

'Yes, he did a suicide attack on me, one where his kill was stolen and made into a self kill. At the moment of his death, this thing had enough shamelessness to kill itself in order to kill me'. His brain had subconsciously ignored the voice that talked just now, for the trauma it had left in him, it was simply too great for him to bear after escaping… He could not deal with this abomination again or he would get another brain disorder in his system...

[H-Host…], the devil has announced into the world of his once again.

'This thing is so evil, it had attempted to kill the great I… Ha… I guess this is where he end of my great epoch… Farewell world…'

[Um… Host? What are you saying?], the evil had again spoken to him, haunting him, not letting him get a break from the great trauma he had received. He was a newborn, therefor he can't be judged to grow up past that event instantly, it was a life lesson to him. It was a stage of growing up in the world, one every kid must learn, that 'the world is tough'. The trafficker had spoiled his once innocent cheery heart of his. All that was left, was now the utter dense amount of black aura inside his thoughts.

'To die without having any kids with the phantoms... To die without ever exploring the world… To die without knowing how to have kids…'

Sadness welled up inside of his heart, growing and sprouting into a water of mucus that welted outside of his body. These were his 'clear' drop of tears. God must have been playing trick on him, as he only had lived his life for mere minutes, not even a single hour… nor a day or year… His life was the textbook definition to a waste, he could even be considered the king of wastes. The world was cruel, just minutes was all he had for his life. The only experience he had, was beating himself over and over to death… He was a failure…

[Ugh-Host…? Do you have a mental disorder…??? Hello there!? This is the system!? Knock Knock!?!?... Um…]

Constant tho-, 'Eh… huh? M-Me-Mental Disorder!?!? Who's a mental disorder!!! Your whole family is disordered! Your parents are mentally deficient! Your grandparents are mentally disabled! Your ancestors are the creators of mental r^tards! Your brains are airpods! Who the heck is stupid!??'

[Host you are my family! Even if you are plain stupid, we are family! :) I shall always support you!], with a high-pitched cheer, it shouted to him, as if proud to be able to encourage him.


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