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Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree
Author :Eslyna
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10 A Hard Gaze

'... Wh-Who are you?'

He was blank, confused, why was this thing here with him, plus why was he its 'family'. He didn't understand what was going on, how can something go into his mind? How can anything go inside and live inside someone or something? This did not make any sense!

Each time he heard the voice, it was coming from the inside of his mind. He definitely remembered that before he destroyed the sphere, the thing had talked, not from inside him. He had heard it from the outside, sensed its direction, sensed its strength of volume.

Now… he did not hear it outside but within his body! It was within his head! The thing was inside of his intellect!? How is this even possible to do!? This does not form any sense of logic!

Then again nothing so far went according to how he thought logic was supposed to be… This… had it merged with him?

[Host I am a system.], the cute mechanical voice, had announced in his head once more.

Wait… was this even considered cute? Yes it was high-pitched, but this thing is what caused him to be coo-coo ever since he had woken up. He felt he was going crazy… In fact, he even felt like he had a mental disorder just like the system said earlier…

'Was it true? Am I plain stupid? Does my IQ not win against a fish?'

Ever since he came into this world, it was one crazy event after another, he did not understand even one thing over the course of events, nor would anyone else that knew of his events! Who can even understand this crap of insane affairs that have kept happening to him.

He was right now truly wishing, he was dead already, he wished to be in a coma once more, never to see this poop of a world, ever again in his life.

He was in a daze once more, till he was able to abruptly snap out of it. His head raced with new concepts and judgements. This thing had said system, and since 'it' was now inside of him, does that mean it truly merged into him? Was this a good thing or a bad thing for him?

He didn't know the answer, however as his train of thoughts has reached this point the system had answered for him.

[Host, I am like what you are thinking about, so called 'inside of' or 'merged with' you. Although it is not exact, essentially I am part of you now. We are one being and I can never be separated from you ever again!]

'Isn't not being seperated a bad thing?', he thought to himself depressed. Who wants something talking inside of them in their life? He did not want someone to spectate his life, everything he did. Who would wish to have someone have a hard first person pov of you when pee. Who would want to have a hard gaze on you, constantly as you do small things.

This was like a parent making their kid put on a impossibly strong leash, one that the parents will know exactly, exactly everything in your life! Every single little to big thing that happens in your life. All the embarrassing moments. All the moment you wish for your parents to never look on your phone.

Why did the internet make a incognito mode? It was exactly because people are way to shameless, and do immoral things. How will he ever find out how he will have a kid in the future now!? It was too shameful! This was a disaster in its own right!


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