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Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree
Author :Eslyna
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11 No Questions

He was now essentially on a leash. An invasion of his body, mind, and soul. His privacy essentially will never exist again. The system was now him, and he was now it, they were now squished together as a sandwich. To be sent a black wish, the life he had looked forward to, was now gone.

Even if he did not know what he had to look forward to, he knew he had something, or else why would all counselors say that to suicidal people? The life he had, was now gone, he could only deal with what he had got, yet again. He felt bitter, literally, every single time he had something to hope for, it was crushed into a seasoning to sprinkle over his past. A past served on a platter for the future.

His mind shook, then gave out a sigh. Since it has already gone this far, he might as well take advantage of this thing and ask it some questions. Before he can ask though, the privacy of his had already been being spied on.

[Host I am system!]

'...', he knows it is a system, after all it kept repeating this phrase over and over. He would truly not deserve any IQ points if he can't recognize this little part.

With his mind taking a slow breath, he started to ask some questions, so this thing can actually say what he wants to know.

'Who are you? Like I mean what is a system? Is that your name?'

[Host you are an idiot! System is system no questions about it!]

'...', he was yet again dumbfounded. He felt like an old man with a white van trying to ask little kids for directions from the side door. He needed to think harder, and rephrase these questions for the thing better.

'Where'd you come from?'

[You popped me out the egg of course!]

'...', for the god of his life, he had never felt this frustrated before. He couldn't tell if he was asking bad questions or if this thing was just a duck quacking. He knew it came from the egg thing… He wished to know where the egg came from… It had intelligence so shouldn't it know where it had originated? The thing just made it seem like he asked scientists whether the chicken or the egg came first. How the heck was he supposed to know! Why would he even be asking this darn thing if he knew!? Frick!

'Wh-Why a-re you he..re?', he gritted everything in his body to put out that phrase. This thing was torturing him, it was simply not human! Not human at all! Where were his rights as a human!? It was stolen and bypassed! This thing was his true enemy in life after all! A-And now… This thing is freaking sticking with him like glue!

[The host is the first germ to have ever gained intelligence since the creation of time. The Universe moved by host's will to rise up, and the blatant defiance to Heaven's Will, has birthed me in order to guide you along your path of evolution! To make you defy the Heaven's Will once more and rise to the top of the Evolution Tree!]

'G-Germ!? G...rm…', his mind was again broken. No wonder his body made no f^***n sense, he was never human to begin with. He was never haunted nor in a coma. He was never outcasted by god. Do you know what the heck he was? He was a fricken germ... If he had any self-esteem left from this dumb system, he definitely had lost it by now. It said all he was, was a germ cell. A stupid freaking germ cell! What the heck was up with this life of his!?


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