Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree
12 Virtually Invisible
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Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree
Author :Eslyna
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12 Virtually Invisible

He was a germ. The lowest of all possible life forms. No wonder why he was able to skydive so much, it was because he was a germ. Germs are the tiniest creature of all lifeforms. Even if he fell, the height he was falling from was multiple planets itself. Even if he was falling, how fast can he even possibly fall? His speed would definitely slower than that of a feather.

Even if he reached the ground, there would be a possibility that it wouldn't even kill him… Those phantoms that were molesting him earlier, those things weren't ghosts, but also germs… No wonder why he was pathetic, he could even get beaten up by a speck of dust, he was just way too weak.

'Wait, if this thing was created for me, why was it getting attacked by the others, and why didn't it reach me right away?'

[Host! Although I was made for you, I could only get the general coordinates and area. You were so small, that even the gods and goddesses could not find you! Your existence was virtually invisible!]


[Also I was attacked because the Heaven's Will has interfered and made everything possible to intercept me! If you had ignored me I would've never been yours!]

If he could cough up blood, gallons would've bursted out by now. This system kept hitting his already low pride, again and again… Never been his? He regretted this decision so much in his life.

[Host do not fear! Having me is a blessing! It is a divine gift! I am the best of all gifts! For I can make you have the ability to rise up in the Evolution Tree! A choice that was gone for billions of years! You are the first that has the ability to rise up the once isolated and frozen path! A option that countless others would be jealous of you enough to rise from their deaths!]

'E-Evolution tree?'

[The Evolution Tree, is a path of evolution! With multiple branches at each step, branching into different organisms of life! The limit is no limit, only the top of all possible life is your cap!]

[You have already reached the limit of all germs, so your evolution options have already been opened! Do you wish to initiate and check your options?]

Evolution? 'What the heck is the evolution thing your talking about?', this thing is virtually speaking Shakespeare to me, how am I supposed to understand what you are talking about? My excuse is that I am a germ, what in the world will be your excuse as a creation of the universe!?

[Evolution? *cough* It basically makes it so you are no longer a germ and become bigger and stronger.]

Catching onto the key word, he knew that he would no longer need to be a germ! He can arise on the path of evolution!

'System! I love you! I want your babies!'


This system was so great! A gift definitely custom made for him! Who else can have the privilege of the great him! Even if they can, no one will dare bully a germ right!? Even if they can, will they even have the ability to take something that they can not even see or sense? He can shamelessly grab his prize with no fear of it getting stolen! This was the gift from the universe!

'System open my Evolution options! Let me see what I will be able to grow up to!'

This system was his godsend. With this he can rise to the top of all worlds and galaxies. To the top of the Evolution Tree!

[Opening options…]


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