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Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree
Author :Eslyna
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13 White Hear


[Evolution Options opened]


A screen then appeared before him inside his mind. It was almost translucent, appearing like the cleanest and clearest glass frame. It was a light blue screen filled with white. 7 boxes, each with a different option appeared before him. Each of them also had descriptions following them.

[Host please look!]


-Live as a food source for cells and fight to survive! Live life as a wanted being! Being Self-Reliant, no things will ever help you! Tease all predators and defy the system! Life is adventurous!

{White Blood Cell}

-Be the unknown savior to the being! Fight all who dare try to invade with their dark plans! Cleanse the path, destroy all evil! No criminals shall ever pass! Life is holy!

{Blood Cell}

-To live a quiet and peaceful life... To live being useless… To give up on life… To be suicidal… No hotline available… Even the service had given up… Life is short.

{Cell Wall}

-Be the strongest personal bodyguard in the world! You can let others die, but you must let your leader live! Track everything! Check everything! Kill all liars! Life is patriotic!


-A life to be served. Forever bored. Forever waiting. To be the old man waiting for his kids to come home at the hospital. Little did he know they did not care. Life is lonely.


-All look at you with fear! An unknown strand! A never before seen enemy! No defense against you! Eradicate all enemies! Kill all lifeforms! Be a calamity! Life is evil!


-Life is no longer pragmatic! Life is a game! You are the boss! You own the lands! No ability is out there with the ability to defy you! Replace everything! Then control everything! Life is royalty!

As he read every option with the utmost seriousness he began to cross out options. First of all what was the point of choosing Blood Cell and Cell? Their descriptions were so boring, even without exclamations points. He would have definitely wasted his life if he dared to choose those options.

He then crossed out the Protein and Cell Wall. First of all, why will he try to live a life were he can die any second? What was the point when there were so much more better options on the list? Then for Cell Wall, why should he serve someone? The great him will never bow down to someone in his life! It was against all his life morals! He needed to control! Where can you go in life without being the boss?

Next came the three options: White Blood Cell, Virus, and Cancer. After deliberating with himself for a while he managed to give up on one. He gave up on White Blood Cell. Although he does not understand really what all these are with his knowledge, compared with the info listed between all of three, it had the most appealing description.

What was the point of saving life if you got nothing in return? He was never and will never have a white heart. Saving things was already too much work, so he decided to give up on this option.

Then the last two he had a harder time deciding between them. They both had the best descriptions out of all them. With both picks, he can be his own boss, no one will be in charge of him. So in picking from the two, it was really hard to pick from the last two choices.

His mind was turning and grinding for what will become his future self. This was an important pick and he could not rush this event. If he picks the wrong path, he will never be able to go back down it once again. This would be an eternal regret from the two so he needed to choose wisely. He knew these two choices were golden, but he did not know which was more. Then an idea bloomed for him.

'System which choice do you prefer out of the two?'


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