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Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree
Author :Eslyna
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14 Name


[Hm… Host I prefer the second one. Shouldn't you choose Cancer!? Although in both you are your own leader, the first ones a little questionable isn't it? You must kill 'all'. Everyone else is ok, but what if you friendly fire me? How will I ever be able to live past that!? So please host, you must pick the path leading to Cancer!]

The system is indeed very smart! He did not see that aspect of things. It is certainly better to have an extra opinion around. With the opinion being given, he picked his choice.

'System I choose Cancer!'

[Ok! Choosing the path to Cancer!]


[Ugh… Host I can't initiate it right now. The Heaven's Will dictates that things without names can not go upon the path of the Evolution Tree. Although we can pick it now, the Heaven's Will would probably detect us and eradicate us…]

'Huh- Name?'

He had just noticed now that he did not have a name yet. Nor was there any recollection in his mind of any name he possessed. He was certain that he knew multiple information about things, but he also noticed he was missing many aspects of info.

He was sure he should know more things like what evolution is, but the fact was he did not. He was missing a lot of knowledge, his wisdom was lacking. He had basically no common sense either.

'The system earlier said I was a germ, so does that mean when I was born, I was actually a newborn?'

'Where did I get my understanding of things then? Could it possibly be that I actually knew nothing at the start? Did the system give him some intellect when it was trying to find me?'

[Host, I do not know… The creator perhaps knows, but I do not think you gained it from me. You said you already possessed the knowledge, so you should not have learned anything from me? Sorry host, i really don't know.]

'Who am I truly?...'

Sighing in disappointment and frustration, his origins were unknown. If he was truly just a germ, how would he already know some things. His thoughts shouldn't be this advanced. Where he came from though, he was not able to know. Perhaps he will never find out in this lifetime of his either.

Shoving this topic aside he went back to the name option. He felt a little bitter, for the previous happenings, so he did not have the energy to think up a name now. Because of this he once again asked the system for its opinion.

'Do you have any suggestions for my name? Ha… Actually just give me a name system.'

[To be able to name someone is a honor, so of course I shall take up this task host! First of all let's start with what you are. You are a germ so why not start with that? Second I am also you technically, we are two but one. So I will take the 'two' for the name. Third all you have in your life really is me, so why not take part of what I am?]

[Using all these lets make your name Tes Sym! Using the 'Ge' in germ and replacing it with 'T' from germ it makes 'Te'. While Sym is for the 'Sy' in the first part of system. Taking the extra 's' in the middle of system, is the end of your first name. The 'm' at the end of system is used for your last name to abbreviate it. Using all the letters in your name, you can spell out system by using them! Host aren't I brilliant!? So this shall be your name Tes!]

Although, he hated it naming after itself, it truly was a good name that he can't deny. The origins were even better. Becoming a little happy from gaining a name, Tes initiated the evolution with one last thought.

'From today onwards, my name will be Tes Sym…'


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