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Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree
Author :Eslyna
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15 Drug

[Choosing the evolution path: Cancer!]

[Evolution initializing…]

Light began to fly out of Tes's body. White crystalline beams shrouded out of his body. Yellow glimmering rays started to flow out of him. Shards like clear screens emerged out of the light, floating above into the sky.

The light cuddled around him like a cacoon. Tes was in a cradle, being painstakingly cared for by the powers that were emerging out of him. He felt warmth. The beams were giving him comfort. It was a feeling that one would wish to experience their whole lives. An occurrence which one would feel the ecstasy was quick, no matter how long the time length was.

Tes was feeling amazing. This was an emotion which he would remember for a lifetime. He shivered, his breaths became faster. Everything he could perceive was at the max. He was having multiple orgasms. He wished to be a subordinate to this perception and feeling. Where else can he feel this good at? He was at the prime of his life!

Sadly the peak sensations, gradually began to fade away. The light became lighter in color, fainter. The sparticles started to disappear. This 'reward' was gone. Tes wished to receive this reward again, this very second. He was already a slave to this sensation. He would do everything he could for this drug. He was hooked on it.

This made him even more motivated to continue to strive for evolution. If he was able to meet the requirements, he would be able to meet this feeling again. He would be able to be stronger. He would be able to have control over more things in his life.

He was no longer a germ. Although the things he can perceive from his new body were not as different, there were noticeable changes to his new 'species'.

As the sensations and light began to die away, his normal senses appeared once again. He no longer felt the soft things scraping on his sides, but now felt soft slower movements like a liquid, or perhaps were held in place against him. The noise was still the same however. The endless static background noise.

His vision was dark as night without any light. He was still blind, and he could not smell anything either, meaning he did not gain a nose to sense the smells around him.

The outside of him felt weird though. It was as if he was in a constant random movement. One he could barely control its path. His body was hard to command his body to move certain ways. He was filled with too much vigor and energy that it was overflowing from his body. This was what made his body invariably shake.

[Evolution complete! You are now cancer!]

'Yes, I am no longer a germ. I finally have started the path, destiny had given to me.'

[Host here are the requirements to reach your next evolution checkpoint!]



[Goal- You must not shame your ancestors and live up to the name of cancer. Follow the rituals of your ancestral tree, by doing what they did in their footsteps. You are now only one, but you must live up to the potential and duplicate. Destroy all those who dare block your path. Spread your powers across your habitat. Annihilate everything you find, than remake it. Forge everything in this environment, make it your own, control it! Your pride shall only admit you to live and no one else! This must become your land! Become the king! Make your own kingdom! This is war for your homeland!]


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