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Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree
Author :Eslyna
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16 You Thing!

He was now anew. He was cancer. This was his first step onto the path of solutions.

[*cough* Host, um its evolution…]

On the path of evolution he shall leave no man not knowing of his greatness. He will be a legend, the Apex Legend. The greatest of the great, and the best of the best.

Who needs friends when you can be a legend? Who needs to go to parties when you can host your own voice chat party with the system? Who needs family when you are the boss? Who needs romance when you control the world?

This was him, the birth of the greatest legend. However, in order to rise to his destined throne of worship, he needed to do his current tasks.

And right now…

'Gyuooodududududu!', his belly was rumbling.

His stomach was in need… Ever since he completed the evolution, his hunger was at an all time high. It was like his instinct was telling him to destroy and eat everything around him.

His hunger was more than enough to influence his state of mind. Those things that he felt around him, some hard, some soft, it did not matter anymore if they were dead or alive he must conquer all!

He initiated his cancer skill of dividing uncontrollably. Although this took him energy, he knew if he did not do anything he would die. He also knew more he divided the more he can eat. The term of "divide and conquer" was not a lie, as it was being demonstrated here.

Every new body was a cell. It was part of him yet another body of his which he can multitask. These new bodies of him attacked these other beings near them.

Although he has never done this skill in his life it was within his instinct, he was now purely acting upon his sixth sense.

He assaulted them with his shady slime. Tes Killed. Ate. Replaced. Repeat. No matter how much he ate though, it never made him full! So he went even quicker, stuffing his weird mouths full of these things that were the same size of him.

With this he noticed that these things that he was eating was also probably cells. This was cannibalism… But… Th-This was not wrong right!? They tasted so good! His kind was like honey! He could fake with pretense, but he wished to be an angel so why shall he lie!?

Their flavors… Oh their taste… Oh… Kyaaa-! Mmmm-!

He was never full and his kind was a luxury ingredient, how can he not be narcissistic and enjoy his species? He continued onwards! Let nothing cross against me!

You thing! You dare make me flow in this liquid!? Eat!

You thing! You dare block my path with this white wall of yours? Eat!

You thing! You dare do huge thundering beat-box beats in front of me!? Eat!

You thing! You dare contest for these dessert proteins!? Eat!

You thing! You dare to also taste new delicacies that Mr. Owner has gave us!? Eat!

You thing! You dare to see outside of what Mr. Owner permitted us!? Eat!

You thing! You dare wag in front of me!? Eat!

Soon Tes was completely taking over the inside of his domain. He was becoming king... A true boss...

Sym was promptly finishing his required goal to replace everything withing the domain and make it become 'him'. He was not sure how much time had passed but what he knew was that even if a season passed, it was nothing compared to his persistence of becoming strong...


His relentlessness to become awesome!


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