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Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree
Author :Eslyna
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18 Fishes

This Pathfinder gradually felt something was wrong... Very wrong... Something was off... Very off... It was like there was something in her... It felt like she forgot about some very important detail...

Finding a pile of leaves outside of her hole she hopped onto the bedding and laid down with her crescent eyes full of worry. Her eyes were becoming teary, she didn't know what she had done wrong...

Her drippy pearls stared off to the small lake surrounded by cliffs 300 degrees around. It was like an artificial haven inside this forbidden zone. Even her who has seen plenty of safe areas, an area like this was the first for her.

There was water, shelter, defense, a hidden location, flat ground, and food all around the edges of the water facing her. There were even some fishes inside this tranquil liquid.

Sighing she turned over once again. She tried her hardest to think what she had done wrong recently. Scrunching her eyes and scratching her paws over her head, she used her brain power.

A second later... she got nothing... The only special thing she could think of was that glowing mysterious orb of wonders. She knew however that was not it. After all every hamster knows that what is circular is never evil and always good. She also knows of the legends of the Wheel God. If god is circular his descendants must also be saintly and benefical.

If that was not it what was? Was she finally dying by these little pets she is carrying? No that must not be it! They were clean and healthy! What was wrong then...

She knew there must be something... Shaking her head she decided it must be something in this new place she was living at. She knew things that look perfect are too good to be true so she scanned the surroundings.

Then it triggered! She knew what it must be! It must be those dang fishes! She knew there was always something fishy about them... They always stalked her with those google eyes as she drank from the lake plus even when she consumed berries and herbs near the shore.

They must be an evil colt! They must be using black magic on me! Springing up from the ground she needed no hesitation, she blitzkrieged them.


The water splashed and the fishes swam away with tears in their eyes feeling wronged. A couple seconds later a wet droopy ball came out, the fishes had won... They were just too powerful for little ol' her.

'I'll get em' next time ;-; '

She glared at the fishes feeling wronged. The fishes watched back at a farther distance than they used to, feeling confused. What had they ever done to her?

Seeng them dare to stare back at the great her, she was ready to give another 'surprise' attack. Yet right as she was about to jump her body felt wierd...
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It felt like the gnawing was getting worse.

Her body started heating up.

There was no pain but the heat made her dizzy and nauscious.

She already regretted trying to bully the fishes...

Deciding to apologize to them she wobbly walked to the water. When she got their though, her bladder became unctrollable and soon leaked into their home...

Feeling wronged yet having no tears to cry she gave up. 'I am sorry fishies, I didn't mean to... ;-; '

On the bright side now though she felt a lot better. Maybe it was just gas after all this time. Getting up she decided it was time to leave this place.

She soon left, but what she did not notice was how she had changed nor how the water had transformed once she left the area.

However the fishes had seen it all... The fishes felt very wronged... All they had done to her was look at her periodically, and that ball of fur tryed to eat them. She even wouldn't give up before she left and made the water... Then there was her, she... The fishes wondered what they had done wrong in their last lives to provoke this calamity. They just wanted to swim happily ever after...

Little Fish: "Why is crazy girl trying to eat me?"

Big Fish: "No she is trying to eat me because Im big, little one."

Little Fish: "Why is she trying to eat you dad?"

Big Fish: "Because I'm handsome. Grow up soon little son"

Little Fish: "Don't worry dad! I'll help fend off the girls for you! I'll grow up quick! No one can ever bully you again!"

Grandpa Fish: "._. What kind of a son did my wife raise..."

When the hamster let the stream free, she did not notice that it was glowing... Once it was injected it began infecting the rest of the water. Slowly the lake was transforming.

Once she let it 'free' she had also changed, albeit her not noticing. Her little friends all hitching a ride in her and inside of her had all magicially disapeared. Her fur changed from a light yellow fluff to a shiny white fluffy slick fur. It was had the defense rivaling pelts uet was still smooth like a fox.

She was cleansed in and out. This means that her genes became more accurate and orderly making her instincts and skills even more stronger and accurate. Her strength had doubled and her vision more clear. Her essence has changed so much in these few moments, that it was questionable if she can count as the same species now.

Then the lake was also transforming, becoming more clear and clean. The water was becoming like the color of the best beaches in the world, a clear light blue. However this one was even more special for it was giving off a tint of glowing sparkling yellow like holy water from the myths.

The fishes here knew that whatever the furry calamity has done, their home now was no longer a special mountain haven lake, but a magical pea lake...


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