16 Planning
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Author :iwmhbaf
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16 Planning

"Flynn...I'm sorry...I shouldn't have asked" I said apologetically. I didn't mean for him to bring up a painful memory

"No no!" replied Flynn."You were going to find out one way or another. It's better now than later I guess"

Flynn made a cute face and said sorry to burden you with my troubles. Obviously I couldn't resit such a cute face, so I had to start to cry out of pure adoration of his cuteness, scoop him up in my arms, and say, "Don't be sorry! You're so cute! Aaaah I could squeeze you to death right now!!"

"Please don't. You still need me to be alive" replied the now kinda scared Flynn.

"And why is that?"

"Don't you want to stop the potato sack man?"

We went over to a table (seriously, the amount of space in this cave is disturbing) and put papers on top of the table.

"Alright everyone" I said. "take a paper each and list down any ideas for getting rid of the man."

"or woman" said Lucas

"Wait! I have an idea that might work. We could go out and use one of us as bait. Then, something to get the man." said Flynn.

"Good idea, but who would be willing to be the bait?" I questioned. No one said anything. "Fine. I guess I'll be the bait."

" we can go to the super market nearby. If the plan fails, we need to restock our food anyways." Flynn looks at Lucas and so do I.

"Why are you guys all looking at me?" asked Lucas. We all started laughing.


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