Dominating system
32 16years old ,peak nasant soul relm
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Dominating system
Author :Lazzyscholar
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32 16years old ,peak nasant soul relm

In the midst of blue fall mountain,a young man is repeatedly swinging is sword in a particular manner.we can clearly see scorching head emitting from his he swing his sword lightly an area is 50metres before him turned into a volcanic land.the heat released from that is terrific.

"System show my current status"


Host : Lin feng

Qi Cultivation : peak nasant soul stage

Body cultivation : herculean body tactics (2nd layer early stage)

Soul cultivation : chaos soul tactics (peak of first layer)

Profession :

7star alchemy master

7star inscription master

7star weapon smith master

7star formation master

Martial techniques:-

Hidden dragon technique (half completion)

Foundational sword tactics (profound understanding)
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Thunder sword arts (profound understanding)

Mountain splitting sword arts (profound understanding)

Eyes of universe (1st layer)

Six yang slashes (full completion)

Flowing cloud steps (half completion)


Lin feng looked at his status with a satisfied look.its been four years he broke through the golden core stage using the barrier breaking pill.he broke through into nasant soul stage 2years ago.initially he would had taken a long time to break through to nasant soul stag but due to his alchemy improvement he brought a pill recipe of a nasant pill which helped him to break through to nasant soul relm.

In these few years he practiced alchemy.he had studied various pills.he even brought some pill formulas from the system.he was even good at weapon refining, talisman crafting,formation setting now.

Every month he would refine many weapons,talisman,pills and even prepare a formation stones for setting formation.all these are of superior quality.these things will be sent to the seven dragon merchant union to sell them.

Due to limitations of dancing dragon technique it became useless after he achieved nasant soul after broke through to golden core stage he brought a moment technique suitable for people under martial king stage.flowing cloud steps is a peak king ranked martial technique which can boost moment speed of any one under martial king stage by 5times if practiced to the peak.currently he can easily toy with a peak void transformation expert with his speed alone.

He also cultivated herculean body tactics but due to shortage of natural treasures for body tampering he can't able to upgrade it above the early second stage.presently his body recover speed is 10times that of normal.his body defence also rose as from the 2nd layer onwards herculean body tactics increases one's defence.presently even a peak golden core expert cannot hurt his body.

The only regrettable fact is that he can't able to improve his soul cultivation as he didn't found any treasures which can improve his soul cultivation in the violet cloud empire.he wanted to buy something from system.but the system won't provide him those treasures any more for now.dohe just has to wait till he gets a good opportunity to break through.

Lin feng was presently sixteen years old and in a month's time the feng family will conduct the coming of age ceremony. By then he will become a full fledged adult in this world and he will also reveal that truth that he can cultivate to his mother.just thinking about how happy his mother will be then he smiled a little.

Lin feng directly went back to feng clan after practice.when he went towards his room he saw his mother training little yin in the courtyard.his mother has placed all her hopes on little yin so that she can get a good daughter in-law .feng yin also good girl.she is now sixteen years old and have a beautiful face and curvy body.although she was a beauty she can't be compared to the Gu sisters who are kingdom topping how can Lin feng show any interest towards her As he was always playing around with the Gu sisters.but he still cared about this fiance of his as she was selected by his mother.he also secretly helped her many times by giving many pills and weapons for her without her knowledge.

Seeing the arrival of Lin feng ,fu Chen hugged him.she was happy with her son.although he can't cultivate. He never got depressed about that.he always have pleasant smile on his face.little yin smiled on seeing him.

"Fenger ,where have you gone till now" fu Chen asked as she doesn't understand where her son goes time to time.

Lin feng smiled "mother I just gone out to buy some books.I also bought something for both of you as well" saying so he took out a beautiful looking bracelet and necklace. "Mother this necklace is for you and this bracelet is for little yin".

Looking at the beautiful looking bracelet little yin smiled and put it on.

" you rascal,you are not yet married yet you buying things for your future wife"fu Chen said smilingly.

Lin feng laughed and took little yin into his arms and kissedbher cheek.little yin was surprised by his sudden kiss and blushed."mother what's wrong to buy things for my future wife any's not like I am forgetting you and only caring about little yin"

Looking at her son's actions Lin feng laughed "you rascal ,how can you bully little yin like that" saying so she knocked his head.

Lin feng just laughed it out .although he was grownup now he was always a small child before his mother.

"Fenger I think you should not participate in the coming of age ceremony this year" fu Chen said with a depressive tone.

"Why mother I am already sixteen so what is the problem in me participating in this ceremony."

"Little feng,this year all the clans of clear moon town will conduct coming of age ceremony in the martial hall.people from the 1st grade sect Will be coming to select disciples this every one will have to participate in martial ground."

Hearing his mother's words.linfeng understood everything.but he didn't say anything but nodded his head and went back to his room.


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