Dragoon Emporium
1 Chapter 1:Ordinary
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Dragoon Emporium
Author :TheLastD00R
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1 Chapter 1:Ordinary

Cold, so cold, everything is cold! I just wanted to be different, not ordinary, not apart of the wood work! I wanted to stand out, be something and not some dead end job nobody in the future but hey, I'm dying. What does it matter now? I no longer have to worry about being anything but dead... I wonder what that taste like.... As everything begins to fade into darkness there is a sudden burst of light that is pain stakingly bright, everything is blinding before blue little dots fill my vision. I suddenly find myself sitting in a quaint little chair in an empty space with no one around. I slowly stand up out of the chair and begin to look around, looking for anyone else. Oh no, oh no oh no oh no, I can't be here, I'm too good to be in hell! I fall to my knees and my hands on the ground, unable to believe that I'm dead or in hell. As tears begin to fall from my face a powerful and loud voice booms out through hell,

"You aren't in hell mortal, you now reside in a God's realm. Gemini Draco, you seem to be average, nothing special it seems. What if I could change that, make you less ordinary" That's where my attention was caught, that's exactly what I wanted to be different

"How could you do that, make me different that is, in a kind way please." I could feel the God smile as a figure walked out of the shadows, I could see silver glint off of something before a silver haired goddess stepped out of the shadows. She wore what looked to be a thin silk like tight gown that hugged her features, on it looked to be as if the stars and galaxy made her dress as her hair seemed to flow. I was in utter awe, taken aback by her beauty and presence. I suddenly got on my knees and bowed my head to her, showing respect, then I heard a giggle

"Stand now Gemini, I have no reason to let you be on your knees and act so humble." I stood as she told me, my face still carrying a look of awe.

"So Gemini, you want to be different right?" I nod quickly, not knowing what to say or to do, she giggles at this and steps closer

"My name is Arianrhod, Goddess of reincarnation. You are Gemini Draco, he who wishes to be different. I offer this to you my chosen, life anew, where you are reborn in another world as someone different, someone interesting. Now my chosen, do you wish to take my offer?" Her elegant voice alone persuades me to say yes but the fact she is calling me her chosen is even more enticing.

"Will I get some sort of awesome power that lets beat everyone or-" she cuts me off

"I am a lady of fairness so to decide your" she giggles "Specialty we will leave it up to my silver wheel" suddenly as if the moon was plucked from the sky, there is a giant spin wheel with a lot of little words written on it in a language I can't read. She beckons me closer, enticing me to take her deal. I quickly go over to her and spin the wheel, watching it go round and round before she whispers into my ear

"Take off your shirt, I want to give you something before you go" Without a second though I throw my shirt off and to the side, allowing for my torso to show. She takes my palm and places a soft kiss on my right hand then moves to my left shoulder and lays a kiss on it. Then she places one on the back of my neck, sending a shiver down my spine before each spot she kissed begins to burn with immense pain. On my hand a silver full moon, my shoulder a sheaf of wheat and the one on my neck I couldn't see. She chuckled as I squirmed in pain but it quickly subsided, the marks taking full form on my body. She laid a hand on my head and messed with my hair, making it a mess or at least I thought a mess before it began to change into what looked to be the night sky, with stars, blacks and purples. After toying with me the wheel began to stop, landing on a very small section,

"Your fate has been chosen my champion, now go unto this world and be different. If you're lucky then we shall meet again" After finishing up with a girly voice I let out a loud burp and laid my head on the bar with a sigh.

"And that's how I was sent to this world to become a shopkeeper. A boring shop keeper that is a jack of all trades. I could have been a magic swordsman or mage but no, she made me a shopkeep " I sighed and my companion next to me let out a laugh as tears began to form in her eyes. Her uproar was heard by others who turned their gaze to us, I quickly put my hand over my companion's mouth before she got us noticed. She took my hand off her mouth and frowned at me,

"Aw, is boss upset because he thinks he's boring? Is your adorable employee Patches the catkin no good for ya? Not exciting enough?" Her words stung a bit but I payed little mind before letting my hand quickly grab her tail from beneath her cloak that concealed her identity. Her back quickly arched as she started to get angry with me and the fire in her eyes was lit. I paid our tab quickly as I rushed out of the bar, Patches hot on my tail and ready to beat the hell out of me. Sigh, I could have been a hero but instead I'm the best damn shop owner in this world, oh well at least it's fun!


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