Fate Online: Shadow
295 Morgash
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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295 Morgash

While Michael and the gang are making their way towards the Grey Orc outpost in the halfway point of the mountains.

The fire of rebellion had finally taken off in the Pan Kingdom.

With the combined army of Kunlun, Illusionaire, and Black Skull Guild, they had swept through five towns and two cities, taking over a quarter of the kingdom.

Of course, they were only able to achieve that because at least half of the Pan Kingdom's army can't be even be considered as a proper army and more like a disorderly low-level mob.

But they were quickly stopped when they reached a city called Urgai. Where they met a fierce resistance from the rallied army stationed at the city, and it's also thanks to the timely arrival of the players from Edyrem Alliance that they managed to push back the invading army.

And during that clash of the two armies, a lot of powerful players revealed themselves, which quickly shoved them in the center of attention, and among those are four of those who managed to stand out the most!

They are The Viper, Black Genesis, Moniker, and Black Sparrow.

These four assassins hunted down prominent figures in the opposing army, especially the high ranking officers, be they players or NPCs, not one survived from their combined onslaught!

Now, the name of the Revenants are once again making waves in the game after they had disappeared for a while and stopped taking in assassination missions, and not they are once again back in action!

And currently, the situation is now in a deadlock between the two armies.

And for the first time, the three guild leaders of War Dragons, War Angel, and War Temple had convened together in Urgai City, which is rare for them even in other games as three leaders prefer to meet in real life.

They are currently inside the biggest building in the city, which is also the City Lord's castle, and with them is the City Lord himself and a middle-aged man in military garb, who's clearly the general of the soldiers defending just from the look of the armor he's wearing.

And the five of them are standing on both sides of a rectangular table with the map of the city laid out before them.

The two NPCs didn't know the three players scanning the map using the system, and now, they didn't need to roam around the city just to map it out, thanks to the detailed map presented before the three of them.

"Introductions aside, thank you very much for coming. I'm General Makarov" the middle-aged man in military garbs looked at the three players and once again introduced himself after saying a heartfelt thanks to them.

"And this is…"

"I'm Count Azuna, on behalf of the soldiers and citizens of this city. Please allow me to give you this bow as thanks for aiding us" the bald man with a stylish mustache, who has a round belly and around mid-fifties smiled at them and bowed gracefully, and just like Makarov, his face is still covered in dust and blood after going through a tough battle on the wall, trying to repel the rebels from where they had just come back.

Unlike the cities and towns that fell under the rebel army, these two people are the very reason why Urgai City hasn't fallen yet.

It was because these two men were actually retired military officers of the kingdom, and they are far older than they look like.

'Figures!' thought the burly young man in the room, a bit surprised.

'I knew it' the only woman in the room thought while scrutinizing the two old men before her, and this woman is the well-known Guild Leader, Tiera.

While the only middle-aged man among the three players just smiled and nodded at the two men.

There was a reason why Urgai City managed to hold out, and it was because of these two NPCs who led their soldiers and bought time reinforcements to arrive and save them.

And the reason behind It was because these two NPCs are actually the only two generals still alive today, whom had once served the first king of Pan Kingdom a hundred years ago and accompanied him on the conquest of establishing his kingdom, which now exists today as the Pan Kingdom!

Their combined aged are already over three hundred years old!

Their levels are a bunch of question marks, except for their names floating above their heads.

But the three players didn't even need to guess that these two old men before them are strong and high leveled, as they only need to do a little bit of researching and they would quickly find out their achievements during their younger years!

But sadly for both of them, old age is already catching up to them and they can't perform in their peak or else the rebel army would have been stopped here and get scattered, or in the worst-case scenario…

Wiped out!

Inside the world of Nevareth, there are two types of generals.

One of them is the Strategic type who achieves victory through military tactics and knowledge. A good example of that is Count Azuna who used his experienced to command and strategically defended the city.

Another one is the Instinctive type, who typically fight battles with intuition and reacting to situations on the battlefield. This type of generals are those who lead their men at the forefront of a battle and react to situations happening around the battlefield.

A good example of this type of general is General Ouki of the Sunrise Empire, a rising general of the empire.

But there's also a rare kind of a general, and that is the Hybrid type!

This type of generals are those who had embodied both types, a general who has both the brawn and the brains!

A good example of this is General Makarov!

In the previous course of history in the previous timeline, Pan Kingdom didn't exactly fall completely.

Instead, they had one city still standing, and that was the Capital of the Pan Kingdom, Morgash!

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    《Fate Online: Shadow》