Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
199 Changing One’s Fate Part Three
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Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
Author :invayne
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199 Changing One’s Fate Part Three

Misaki found she was able to add Rika to her team which allowed Rika to level up as well. The two progressed quite quickly. Misaki was surprised to see how quickly Rika adapted to things during battle. It was as if natural instinct took over. Now they did not farm regular monsters. Misaki felt this was too slow. In order to power level Rika so she could quickly catch up to her in levels. Misaki went to low level villages and towns and slaughtered everyone inside. 

At first, Rika was against this idea but quickly got used to it after slaying her tenth victim. After which she became a killing machine. She had the same greedy look when killing humans as Chiho did when she was killing humans. Misaki found this quite funny. 

After a full day of killing and being covered in blood, the two went back to their base camp to get cleaned up. A week had passed in game and Rika was now level forty. Her experience gained was much slower since some of the XP for the kills went to Misaki. Misaki even gained two levels as well making her level fifty two now. 

The two made their way to a small stream not too far away to wash up. As they were stripping their clothes off to take a bath, Misaki heard a rustling in the bushes nearby. Not caring if she was naked or not, Misaki's body flashed and stabbed out towards the bush as she shouted: "Who's there!?" 

"Ahh! Don't kill me, Goddess!" Misaki's body froze when she heard a familiar voice. She turned to look at the young girl who rolled out of the bush, her face pale. She held her hands in front of her face getting ready for the worst. 

Misaki would never forget this person, nor would she forget this person's betrayal towards her and Dark Front. The girl, realizing that nothing was going to happen even after waiting for such a long time, lowered her hands and looked at Misaki. A small light flashed in the girl's eyes but quickly disappeared as she nervously asked: "You're not going to kill me?"

Misaki wanted nothing more than to kill this girl again but she lowered her sword. The girl was none other than Mimi, or Kido Chizuru, Misaki's old form teacher and teammate. Even though Misaki wanted to kill the girl, she decided against it. She had already killed her once, there was no reason to kill her again. Plus her level was quite low and would not give much experience. 

Chizuru stared up at Misaki with blushed cheeks as she gazed at Misaki's naked body. Feeling the gaze on her made Misaki frown as she said: "Done staring? If you are then leave. I want to wash up before night falls. Rika let's go." 

Misaki did not want to spend any more time on this woman or else she might just end up killing her. Chizuru watched as Misaki walked into the stream with Rika before getting up and walking away. As she passed a few trees she halted her steps and turned back to look at Misaki floating on her back in the water. The sun shining down on her snow white skin. A few tears rolled down Chizuru's cheeks as she whispered: "It's good that you are doing well… and… I'm sorry..." 

For the next few months both Misaki and Rika worked on leveling up. It was not until Rika reached level 95 and Misaki hit level 100 that they finally stopped the grind. "Okay, we have all the gear we need right now to take on the boss for this area and move on to the next area. The only issue is that this is a raid boss and not a normal boss. The boss will end up being one of the most difficult things we have faced yet." 

Misaki was not sure how tough this boss was going to be now. She remembered the first time she fought it her entire team was wiped and that was with multiple people!. Now there were only two of them to try to face a raid boss. What's worse was although Misaki could respawn she was not sure about Rika. If Rika died would she respawn or would she die for good? Misaki had a lot of worries about this but she had no choice but to move forward. Even if Rika was a good friend she was still just data as far as Misaki knew anyway. Misaki was not sure what to do and what was worse was Rika was an agile front like a fighter. 

"Rika if you would like to go back you can. I am not sure if we will be able to survive this. If you die it is over." Misaki wanted to give Rika one last chance to back out of this fight. She did not do this to be mean but to give Rika a chance of survival if they failed. 

"No need. Mitsu. I will be with you through thick or thin. If you die we die together!" Rika said resolutely. Misaki could only let out a sigh and nodded her head. She would not try to persuade Rika again. 

"Alright then stay close to me and put your escape talisman in a spot where you can grab it quickly. If your health drops below twenty percent use it and leave me behind. I do not want you to die just yet and you will not need to worry about me."


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