Game of Divine Thrones
Chapter 135 - Inquisitor of Heresy 6
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Game of Divine Thrones
Author :PandaruNoir
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Chapter 135 - Inquisitor of Heresy 6

A genius alchemist who became a heretic to acquire forbidden knowledge.

It was unknown how long he has been in this world.

However, it was estimated that he was at least a few thousand years old according to the appearance of his name in an ancient document about the chaotic period before the War of Gods and Demons.

As Lilith's minion, he definitely had a hostile relationship with Pronoia and Castineon, the groups Rosenkreuz belonged to.

What would happen if he faced him now?

He didn’t know, but it would be difficult to get out of here safely.

He would not be able to secure more information about the members of Eteria Rodinus.

As Rosenkreuz looked troubled, Aleister laughed happily.

“Hahahahahaha! You’re afraid, aren’t you? Well, that is normal since you haven’t received Lady Lilith’s revelation. Salvation! It can only be obtained through the destruction of this world! The god of Light you believe will be swallowed up in the abyss of the beginning when the hour of judgment comes!”

“…That is blasphemy, an alchemist who sold his soul to a witch. It is true that salvation will arrive, but the God of Light is the supreme god and will not be affected by the destruction.”

“The supreme god? Ah, you mean the first rank amongst the seven gods in the heavenly world. But even then, compared to Lady Lilith, who has reigned in the demon world since the Genesis, he is nothing. Just a small cog in the machine.”

“Bullshit. The one who led Genesis was the God of Light. The other sub-gods managed Paradise Lost under His direction.”

The two continued arguing because of their different beliefs.

Ibn Rusud intervened in their conversation as he couldn’t just stand on the side doing nothing.

“You guys really don’t know anything, do you? The being who oversaw the divine throne system is the Creator. So, Lilith and the God of Light were just dancing in the palm of the Creator. The conflict between the demonic faction and the heavenly faction is just for the balance of the world. The human world intervenes and acts as a buffer.”

The human world referred to by Ibn Rusud meant the Eeth continent.

The place where most myths, legends and stories took place.

The demon world and heavenly world were areas where the other faction could not enter, so they were safe in there, so the confrontation naturally happened on the Eeth continent.

However, the majority of the gods rebelled against the creator and were then confined, and the rest of them only watched the human world from heaven.

Rosenkreuz and Aleister shook their heads stubbornly at Ibn Rusud's speech.

“That is blasphemous. There can be no greater being than the God of Light.”

“Lady Lilith is nearing the origin of the system. Therefore, she can go against the destiny set by the Creator.”

Both were fanatics who couldn't be reasoned with.

Ibn Rusud sighed and spoke to Aleister.

“Aleister, are you here to intervene and benefit from our battle?”

"That's right. Those who preach the gospel on their own must be cautious. If you don't choose the correct stage and time to appear, you will not be able to achieve the will of the great being. Isn't that right, Rosenkreuz?”

“This damned alchemist...”

Rosenkreuz glared at Aleister with his flashing purple eyes.

He didn’t enjoy the fact that he had been used.

Meanwhile, Aleister kept laughing and showed a relaxed attitude.

“You must have been pretty intoxicated with the efficacy of the Clipport’s fruit. But you know yourself, right? After the effect’s duration is over, you will be incapacitated for at least one day.”


"Ha ha ha ha ha! The neutralizers you make will only prevent side effects on the surface. Now, how much time do you have left? 3 minutes? 1 minute? Or 30 seconds?”


Rosenkreuz trembled at Aleister's words.

Time was tight.

However, it was difficult to find a breakthrough.

'Should I also eat one more pill?'

If he took the Clipport’s fruit repeatedly, the duration of the effect would definitely increase.

But the problem would come after that.

As a result of the experiments with the pagans, very serious side effects were observed, such as intestines melting and death. Moreover their appearance had deformed even after being fed neutralizing agents.

And even if he took such a risk, it was unsure whether this obstacle could be overcome.

In the first place, it was Aleister who made the Clipport’s fruit, and he most likely had a plan in his mind.

When Rosenkreuz was unable to make a decision, spears of darkness began to rain on him.

“Hahahahaha! How long will you be worrying? Time is on my side!”




The surrounding air shook, creating a crack on the protective barrier.

The reason behind the fissure wasn’t only the strong attacks, but also the fact that the Clipport’s fruit’s effect was disappearing.

“Urgh… !!”

Rosenkreuz groaned, frowning deeply.

He wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

There were only two realistic options left for him.

'Running away or taking him down with me.'

But in the latter case, there was the chance that he would fail and die alone.

Of course, there was also no guarantee that the former would always succeed.


'I will never hand over Solomon's treasures to you.'

If he left here, Aleister would comfortably defeat Eteria Rodinus.

He had to stop the alchemist, even if he had to

Rosenkreuz urgently requested support through the disclosure of the informant.

[Rakius, accept my summoning orders!]

[Yes, Rosenkreuz!]

In time, Lakius appeared with a ray of light.

At his appearance, Aleister made an interesting expression.

“Oh, you brought a dog from the Holy See. Are you going to come and run away now? From those who sold themselves as heresy or social.”

“Racius, stop the author's attack while I am chanting the return spell!”

Rosenkreuz did not get caught in Aleister's provocation.

As Lakius nodded and obeyed the instructions, Aleister looked at Ibn Rusud.

“Are you going to let them return safely to the Holy See? It seems to be a bad judgment.”

“You kill. Because we can't take a step from here.”

Eteria Rodinus was taking a neutral position.

It was because it was difficult if a loophole was exposed to Aleister while trying to deal with Rosenkreuz.

On the contrary, attacking Aleister increased the probability that Rosenkreuz would return alive, so he was also impossible.

“I can't. Instead, if you miss them, don't resent them too much.”

Aleister's magical bombing was even stronger.

When Lakius was gripping his teeth, whether it was difficult to endure, the pure white magic circle spread out on the floor covered the area with dazzling light.

The casting of the return spell is over.

“I will never miss it next time, pagan bastards!”

Along with Rosenkreuz's mad voice, two human figures on the magic circle disappeared.

Eventually, the flash ceased, and Aleister kicked his tongue and walked toward the members of Eteria Rodinus.

Seeing that, Ibn Rusud was ready to fight and warned.

“Stop it, Aleister. Don't think we won't be able to stop you just because Boetius is down.”

“Well, I was quite embarrassed against the injured Rosenkreuz, but would that be?

“Because I had to fight while protecting Boetius. And because Rosenkreuz was a high-ranking priest, there was a side where divine magic didn't work well. But you're the mine that sold your soul to Lilith, so there's no reason for us to be pushed back.”

“I sold my soul to Lilith? Can you really be so sure?”

"sure. You are Aleister Crowley... Huh?"

Ibn Rusud, who inadvertently tried to answer, could not speak.

This is because Aleister peeled off her face and instantly changed into a young man with black hair.

“I am Chun Woo-hyuk, the king of the Rhine Kingdom. All of your actions so far have been acting to help you.”

While wandering inside the Garden of Memory, Woo-hyuk saved the appearance of Aleister who accidentally encountered the clown's disguise mask.

The same goes for his magic.

It could be stored in the illusion of the Queen Star Snake, so it was possible to re-implement the accumulated value at any time. Other than that, I met him so often (especially in the imaginary world) that I was able to imitate things like his tone, behavior, and way of thinking.

At Woohyuk's explanation, the blonde woman next to Ibn Rusud stood up and asked a question.

“Then you weren't the one who officially interviewed Rosenkreuz?”

"sure. She was my trail. Since I'm an aspiring actor, my acting skills are quite excellent.”

“There was also a reason I suddenly didn't feel Magi.”

Eteria Rodinus has been watching Woohyuk since before.

Not only did he possess the Lemegeton, but he was demonstrating a strange course.

So I came to the capital Tenas and tried to meet him, but it was unintentionally discovered by Rosenkreuz.

“Were you going to get together like this and attack me?”

“I would have done that if necessary. And that thought still doesn't change.”

“If I hadn't helped, you would all have been beaten by Rosenkreuz. Are you willing to avenge grace as your enemy?”

“… .”

The blonde woman couldn't answer easily with an expression of hesitation.

Ibn Rusud, who saw that, opened her mouth instead.

“I think your guy also needed something, so he helped us. Maybe a magic book

Am I coveting the old documents? Or is it the Holy Grail?”

“Rosa Etherna. Once that is enough.”

Woohyuk said straight forward.

Ibn Rusud immediately looked upset.

“The language of the sage cannot be learned without entering Eteria Rodinus.”

“If so, you'll have to join me.”

“It is absolutely impossible. The demons share their will with us... I would rather join hands with the Holy Pope of the Aperian Empire.”

“I am human. It just took over the name of the former demon.”

“… what?"

A moment of uncomfortable silence flowed.

Members of Eteria Rodinus exchanged their eyes silently, and the silent blonde woman opened her mouth again.

“Where is the informant's revelation? It has a tracking device on it, so if you have it now, hand it over to us.”

“There is no need to worry. That's because one of my guards keeps it well.”

The informant's revelation was now in Rafina's mansion.

To hide the contact with Eteria Rodinus, disguised as if he is currently there.

Seeing that there was no contact from Rafina yet, Rosenkreuz apparently had been deceived.

“Have you found out that we are here by backtracking Rosenkreuz's location?”

"Yes. One of my vassals is well versed in magic engineering.”

Aris modified the informant's disclosure and forced administrator privileges.

Thanks to this, Woohyuk can find out in real time the location of priests belonging to the Holy See's special agency Castineon.

In the future, I could easily cope with this kind of situation.

The members of Eteria Rodinus expressed admiration at Woohyuk's explanation.

“It’s really amazing.”

“They are feeding a guy called genius in the papal office like this.”

The atmosphere that was a bit overwhelmed by battles a while ago has faded.

After a while, when the meeting between them ended, a blonde woman walked forward and reached out to Woo-hyuk.

“I'll make a formal statement. My name is Helena. As you may know, I belong to Eteria Rodinus.”

It was decided to cooperate with Woo Hyuk in consideration of various circumstances.

Woohyuk grabbed Helena's white hand with a satisfied expression.

“This is Cheon Woo-hyuk.”
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