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Genius Sovereign: Prodigious Miss Overturning The World With Her Aberration
Author :Angelyay
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10 Chapter 10: Light Phantom Sec

After 2 years of training, the people Zi Hua recruited grew exponentially and Zi Hua decided to reveal them. Two years ago, a hall called Light Phantom Hall opened in the capital city of each Empire, this attracted the attention of the imperial family and many other powers but any spies sent never returned.

All they know is that Light Phantom Hall is not something they are able to mess with and everyone is trying to win their favor.

Everything sold costs a enormous price but they were all top-quality, well at least to them but if people knew that it was nothing but 'failures' and 'third-rate' products made by Zi Hua's subordinates when they were learning professions, they would be between coughing up blood and seeking to gain their favor even more.

The true purpose of the halls was to gather information, 'Knowing your enemies will give you the upper hand'

Although people with professions were rare and difficult to groom but with the help of the Refinement Fountain which Zi Hua got on the seventh floor, it would be a walk in a park to groom them.

Not only that, everyone there were extremely beautiful but like a rose, those who tried to hit on them or make use of them met horrible endings.

One year ago a sect call Light Phantom Sect appeared and quickly rose to power rivaling the Four Empires, everyone linked the sect to Light Phantom Hall but they were extremely mysterious and their enigmatic Sect leader is known as Blind Butterfly.

No one knows the full extent of their powers but one thing everyone was sure of was that they were extremely powerful.


But on this particular day all four halls were closed.

Hundreds of people stood at the peak of Wan Shou Mountain with a 14 year old goddess floating above them.

"Subordinates greets master" They all said in an revised manner.

"No need for that, we are brother and sisters, Xiao Bai how are their powers"

"Reporting 2 Low Stage Martial Kings, 10 High Stage Martial Overlords, 24 Mid Stage Martial Overlords, 48 Low Stage Martial Overlords, 96 High Stage Martial Lords and 192 Mid Stage Martial Lords"

"Perfect!" A smile of delight showed on Zi Hua's face, the numbers were perfect for what she had in mind.

"The 2 Low Stage Martial Kings and 10 High stage Martial Overlords please come forward" 12 people, 5 males, 7 females, walked to the front of the crowd.

"Where are the two Low Stage Martial Kings?" Two girls raised their hands.

"Pick a flower, think properly, no regrets allowed" Everyone was filled with confusion, why was their master telling them to choose a flower, but still complied. The three spirit beasts could only face-palm helplessly, their master's horrible naming sense, they had experienced first hand. At least this time she was a bit more creative by naming by flower which was compatible with her name.(Hua=Flower)

The girl on the right chose Gardenia and the girl on the left with chose Anemone.

"Do the same with these flowers" Zi Hua brought out 5 white flowers and 5 purple flowers and instructed the remaining 10 to do the same.

Never would Zi Hua think that this little idea of hers would become a divine naming ritual for many centuries.

Three males and two females chose a white flower and two males and three females chose a purple flower.

"Those that chose white flowers will be the 6 lights and the 6 that chose purple flowers will be the 6 phantoms the two Martial Kings will be the leaders, from today on the 12 of you will be the 12 light phantoms, your choice must've been decided by fate" They didn't know if it was decided by fate or not but what they do know is that their master wished for this, thus they have no objections.

"Yes master"

"What are your names?"

"Master we all don't have names, please give us one" Now the three spirit beasts were really about to cry in their stead, haiz, you literally just handed yourself over now and fell into her trap.

"Okay, each of you will be named after the flower you chose, the lights will have Guang as your surname and the phantoms will have Ying as your surname" Zi Hua was feeling rather proud of herself for having such a great naming sense while the 12 subordinates were beaming with joy, only the three spirit beasts had some common sense and pitied them.

"Very soon is the little Crown Prince of Nan Xia Empire's fifth birthday, Gardenia and Anemone will accompany me to go" I wonder how Xia Fei Yan's 'caring' family is coping after her 'disappearance', it's about time to collect this debt.

"And please have two lights and two phantoms to go and oversee each of the halls, you may bring 30 people each with you. Four of you except one phantom and light go to each of the Four Empires' capital to hold a test for prospective new members, the light phantom of Nan Xia Empire's Light Phantom Hall will announce it at the little Crown Prince's birthday banquet, we will hold it a month after the announcement and remember not to reveal my identity" It's about time I help Xia Fei Yan collect the debt, might as well add a few new members.

"The remaining two light phantoms will train the remaining members according to this training schedule, but just because you are overseeing this doesn't mean that you can slack off, you should all use this time to improve yourselves" Zi Hua handed two scrolls to them, the members were all feeling quite conflicted, although her training is effective but it's utter hell and that's coming from the people that could endure the pain of having their bones reconstructed.

"Here's the rules and requirements and use these Orbs here, have them put their hands on here and if it glows a white light they pass, anything else they fail" Seeing the orbs everyone felt a wave of nostalgia.

Their talent does not matter as long as the orb glows white, they have to be 15-25 years old, Zi Hua wasn't worried about people finding a back door to this and it was impossible to change the orb if the person isn't her.

This will also prevent any spies since this announcement will alert the various powers, but due to what Zi Hua set on the orb they won't be able to pass.

"Yes master"


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