Godly Otaku System
1 If I don“t get a system who will?
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Godly Otaku System
Author :VestBeneathShirt
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1 If I don“t get a system who will?

"Ughhh", Zhen Shi groaned as he opened his eyes. His mind a blank, he stared at the star-filled sky with a huge crescent moon.

"Eh? Isn't that moon a bit too large" he shouted as he quickly stood up.


Or tried to, as he fell down back on to the ground, on his face.

"Your mother... Shiet my whole body hurts" he growled as he endured nerve-wracking pain. The pain was like a bucket of water hurled on his head, "Shiet, Shiet. I actually died while I was leaning on a guard rail next to a cliff trying to act cool, when a truck randomly drove off the cliff with me plastered to the windshield? What useless idiot made that guard rail? It couldn't even hold off that truck?!!!? That poor truck!!!"


"So this is the afterlife? What afterlife is so painful?" he grimaced and lay down for some time till the pain decreased.

"Hold on a minute, maybe I reincarnated?", Zhen Shi completely forgot about the pain as he slowly stood up and looked at his surroundings. He noted the overly large moon and the completely new pattern of stars in the sky.

"Holy Shiet, looks like I did come to another world! Mwahahaha!!!!" he laughed joyfully. Still grinning with a huge smile he looked at a nearby pond, as he felt his legs were more breezy than usual and saw his reflection of a noble,refined-looking young man in a loincloth.

"I look devilishly handsome and outrageously scholarly in this new body, but whose mother made me wear a loincloth. Nevermind I'm still handsome". His grin grew even wider if that's even possible.

He stood there grinning like an idiot. "Whoosh" a light wind blew past him and reformed into a girl.

His face froze ...


as he stared at this girl that appeared as if by teleportation. She had long luxurious silver hair tied up in a ponytail shining under the moonlight. Dressed up in dark red robes which were tightly wound around her petite body, her cute face was scrunched up in worry as she stared back from where she came.

"Whoosh" Several more figure formed into a group of men dressed in similar black robes.

"Zou Rou you better obediently hand back the pill if you know what's good for you and come back with us to enjoy ourselves", shouted one of the black-robed men.

Zhen Shi's eyes widened, still not having gotten over the girl's beauty,

Holy Shiet! Are these martial artists?? Could it be I have reincarnated in a cultivation world with spells and magical weapons?

Zhen Shi was secretly dancing wildly in joy in his heart. As an Otaku, this was a lifelong dream of his.

Flying on a sword with the wind blowing on his body with his hands behind his back, fighting monsters and saving girls.

Now all I need is a system to make everything perfect. Which bastard even dares to reincarnate without a system?!!? Every time he read or saw a story based on reincarnation he pitied all those main characters that did not have a system. Thus, he quickly focused his efforts on trying to turn a system by mentally shouting random commands.

None of them paid any attention to Zhen Shi nor did they notice him. After all, as far as they were concerned this was a mere mortal.

"You bastards of Xue Yue clan, you'll have to take it back over my dead body. Lets fight" shouted Zou Rou as she grimaced.

"Well you asked for it..." all the black-robed men rushed towards her swords outstretched and a dark black miasma wafting over them.

The girl grimaced again and lifted her sword in defense,with a bright yellow light bursting out.

The swords clashed violently generating a gush of wind. The girl was thrown back like a broken kite, blood spewing from her mouth and she collapsed momentarily fainting.

Zhen Shi having faced multiple failures in his attempt to activate a system, seeing the pretty girl get hurt immediately jumped in front of her shouting "You shameless bunch of pigskins. Do you think you can gang up on an innocent girl when I am here???"

Zhen Shi was thinking

Didn't that Xu-something bastard get his awesome system after shamelessly acting tough.

Hmmppff, so I will too. He waited quietly for the system to activate.


The black-robed men looked at him their energies furiously rising. They had ignored him before but not any longer.

"A non-cultivator dares to talk back at us of the Xue Yue clan, with such a foul mouth? Dressed in a dirty loincloth no less? If you crawl down and beg for mercy we'll give you a clean death". But surprisingly they didn't attack. They were with confident faces as the only thing between them and their goal was a mere mortal.

Temporarily ignoring them Zhen Shi was thinking, Shiet where's my system? Is it in my loincloth? But he didn't feel anything in his lower abdomen, so probably no! Why? He felt like flipping a table

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻.

He refused to believe he could be in the same situation as some of those main characters he pitied.

If I don't get a system jumping in front of these men will mean that I truly have sought death!!!

-If it fails once just try again!-

He gritted himself to brag again. With a calm and aloof expression as if the entire world was beneath him he serenely said,

"I have witnessed countless legends being born and countless men reaching the sky with their effort. The heavens were sealed, flames were conquered, otherworldly aliens were beaten, peace was established between warring nations, entire universes were branded and controlled, gods were slaughtered."

The black-robed men of the Xue Yue clan were truly stunned with the mention of these awe-inspiring actions. Still, they grinned and one said "Shameless braggart, your words are truly amazing. Come along entertain us more!"

Alas in a way Zhen Shi had truly witnessed these events. He was rapidly bragging about all the movies, novels, and anime where he had witnessed heaven-defying main characters. He knew that they were fiction, but somewhere deep in his heart, he had a belief! That they were actually true!! Along with his words, his own spirit was being stirred. A spirit to lead an awe-inspiring life.

Even as the black-robed men of the Xue Yue eyed him as prey already on their plate, Xue Yue changed topics.
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Besides these, there was one other thing he truly loved to throw himself into. He was a bookworm who loved to read books of all sorts. Be it fiction, non-fiction, thesis, history, business, etc. But even then, a topic he truly loved was mythology!!! The tales of gods in different parts of the world and their struggles for power, their abilities & powers, origins, their lifestyles and the possibility that they truly existed in the past, excited him beyond measure!! Seeing that he'll die here, he figured he might as well die with the things he loved and enjoyed.

"Zeus of Greek mythology and Jupiter of Roman, the gods of Lightning and Thunder, the leader of the pantheon originating from none-other than CHAOS!!!! The lesser-known but undoubtedly powerful Heka of Egyptian mythology, who viewed the creation of the universe itself, the personification of magic!!!! The World tree, Yggdrasil of Norse Mythology, which bears the nine worlds of existence!!! The Jade Emperor of Eastern mythology, who rules the entire universe with the Taoist and Buddhist faction beneath him!!! Brahma, the one who creates. Vishnu, the one who preserves. Shiva, the one who destroys. All of Eastern Mythology!! Sakyamuni, the most recent Buddha, who overcame worldly attachment, bringing peace to the masses!!!!"

The black-robed men stared on stupefied in surprise and horror as this random mortal shouted out those all too familiar names. As if death was looming over them, they hurriedly shot off towards him brandishing their swords!!

That moment was a mere instant, but to Zhen Shi, it was more comparable to a lifetime!!

Zhen Shi grew calm as his mind and heart settled down! His passion for knowledge, the things he had enjoyed in his past life, combined with the desire to grow stronger in this new world using this rare opportunity resonated with his personal heart and soul.

Although he could see death looming over him he continued on, in his mind, with his deep attachment for systems aroused,

"The path to the top is difficult, riddled with countless obstacles. The only thing which makes that path easier is a SYSTEM!!! I have reincarnated and I refuse to die a useless death!!!!




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