Heir of the Gods
3 Son of the Sea
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Heir of the Gods
Author :TheNamelessScribe
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3 Son of the Sea

As it turns out, being the son of Ares is not all it's cracked up to be.

Essentially all of my cabin mates are competitive bullies who want nothing more than to win and humiliate their opponents.

Not exactly my cup of tea.

The Ares cabin was definitely one of the more interesting cabins, Blood red paint peeling from the walls, barbed wire on the roof, a literal minefield to get to the front door, and Rock Music pouring from it at all times, it would be hard to mistake it as anything other than the cabin of a war god.

Not exactly fun, but it was manageable.

Somehow managing to get to the front door and not getting blown up, I walk inside to a group of scowling faces.


Maybe scowling is their default face?

"Umm… Hi?"

"Meet the new kid punks. Don't kill him, that's my job." Said Clarisse, who somehow appeared behind me without knowing.

"Your bunk is over there Marcy."

"My names Marcu-"I try to say before getting cut off.

"Don't care."

Well isn't she a ray of sunshine?

Going to my new bunk, I start placing my meager belongings (Literally nothing but a toothbrush and the horn of the Minotaur, Percy got the other one.) on the bedside table.

"So punk, How the Hades did you beat Clarisse?" said a beefy brunette guy in the bunk next to me while he was reading… Was that a porn magazine?

Readjusting my Glasses, I answer while trying to avoid looking at what he was reading.

"I got her mad, she doesn't think clearly that way and is more capable to do something rash and stupid. The trick is surviving long enough for her to do it. Otherwise… Well you would die. Probably by being impaled with that spear of hers."

He just shrugged and went back to his magazine.

This group isn't exactly friendly, are they?

After putting my stuff down, I head back outside, no way am I spending more time than needed in there.

Headed outside I decide to continue my wanderings as my previous attempt was interrupted by the Swirlie Squad. Walking around I find my way to the Arena. Maybe I can train and get better at kicking monster butt. If I am to survive the next few wars, I will need training.

Walking inside I take a look around. Surprisingly the Arena looks very similar to a stereotypical School Gymnasium but with a bit of Greek flair. Stuffed dummies were lined against the wall wearing Greek armor and there was a wrestling ring area over in the left corner.

Walking over to the dummies I decide to see what I could do, or at least, what me weapons can do.

Turning my ring, I get my shotgun and point it at a dummie.


After getting over the recoil of the shot, I look at where I hit, only to find that the dummy is now missing its head and has bullet holes all over its chest.

"Oh… Wow."

Well that works.

Pulling out my daggers, I experimentally slash at the dummy. I may have beat Clarisse, but that was luck and the power of Ares, I need to figure some of this stuff by myself if I'm going to survive this world.

Eventually I fell into a rhythm: Slash, hack, duck, repeat. Over and over I did this until I couldn't physically do it anymore.

Falling to my knees in exhaustion, I hear someone behind me.

"You know, If you wanted help training, all you had to do was ask." Luke said.

"Figured you were busy." I pant out.

"Nah, all I really have to do is make sure the Stoll twins stay out of trouble, and I can get someone else to watch them for a bit." He chuckled. "How long have you been doing that?"

"What? Hack Slash repeat?" I ask as I get up off the floor and head to the benches.

"Yeah, you look exhausted."

"Not entirely sure, my body says days, my mind says about three hours ish."

"Three hours? Wow, you were busy weren't you? How about this, come back here tomorrow and I can give you private lessons. Ok? No more running yourself into the ground. It isn't healthy." He admonishes.

Here I come to a dilemma. Luke has already turned to Kronos, so do I trust him? Or do I ignore the greatest swordsman to ever come to camp since Hercules.

Screw that, I'm going to get training.

"Sure. I'm up with that."

"Great, I'll see you tomorrow then." He says as he leaves the Arena.

Leaving the Arena myself I head to the Forge, Maybe I can convince the Hephaestus to make my daggers collapsible if possible.


Looking around the Forge, I see a six foot tall African American that looked like he could crush my head in his bare hand.

"Excuse me, are you Charles Beckendorf?"

"I am."

Holy shit his voice is deep, I'm pretty sure Brooklyn calls in a seismic event every time he talks.

"I was wonderi-"

Apparently the news of my victory over Clarisse spread like a wild fire, because suddenly I was surrounded by Hephaestus kids asking me how I did it. Apparently Clarisse wasn't very well liked.


Beckendorf just held his hand out.

Handing him my daggers he turns away.

"Give me till Capture the Flag. They should be done by then. Any form you have in mind?"

"Umm… Maybe a necklace?"

He just nods and walks off.

He apparently doesn't talk much.

Hearing the conch shell for dinner, the Hephaestus kids and I head our way over to the dinner hall.


The big day, Capture the Flag.

I am probably more excited than I should be, bouncing my foot at the dinner table, I was drawing a lot of attention from my cabin mates. Normally I wasn't so jittery, but this is every Percy Jackson fan's dream!

During this game, the two teams will be Percy, Athena cabin, Apollo cabin, and Hermes cabin (the latter were the two biggest cabins) VS Dionysus, Demeter, Aphrodite, Ares, and Hephaestus cabins.

It will be epic.

"Campers! Capture the flag will…" Chiron stood up and started telling us the rules, but I was too excited to listen. I just knew not to kill anybody and the river was the boundary line.

After he finished talking, I followed the rest of my team and grabbed a helmet.

"Hey Punk, aren't you going to put armor on?" Clarisse snarks at me.

"Already wearing it, Oh mistress of Toilet Water." I say as I mock bow at her.

She just frowned and walked away. She must still be sore at that…

What I meant though about already wearing my armor is I asked Beckendorf to incorporate some armor into my leather jacket. I want to be able of surviving in the mortal world if I need to, I can't do that if I am wearing Greek Armor and wielding two silver daggers and a shotgun. So he was able to make my Jacket capable of changing into a Greek breastplate and arm guards by me speaking the magic word Πανοπλία(Pronounced Panoplía, it means Armor in Greek)

Part of me is honestly curious if he isn't just a freaking Wizard or something for being able to do stuff like this.

He was also able to modify my daggers to have an alternate form of charms on a necklace. To turn them to the charms (Which looked like mini versions of the daggers) I just had to touch the hilt to the necklaces chain, to turn them to daggers, simply pull them and they will return to normal daggers.

Pulling the two daggers from my necklace, we prepare for capture the flag.

"Alright Punk. You'll go in first and distract them while we go and get the flag." Clarisse sneers at me.

It was a suicide mission, and she knew that. If I went out then I would either get captured, shot, or beat up. And that is exactly what she wanted to happen.

So obviously I agreed and headed out.

Eh. Call me stubborn or something, I wanted to prove her wrong.

Once the game started, I bolted through the forest, jumping the river, and essentially avoiding any and all opponents.

At least until I was abruptly stopped a Hermes camper nailing me with a shield.

"That… Was uncalled for…" I groan as I lay on my back.

Walking over to me to get me up and send me to the "Jail", I kick his legs out from under him before knocking him out with a slight blow to the head.

I'm sure he will be fine…


Grabbing my helmet that had been knocked out when he slammed me with his shield, I continue on to Zeus's Fist.

Maybe I can get the flag before Annabeth gets hers.

Running a little while longer without intercepting anyone else, I finally make it to Zeus's Fist.

Now to actually get it.

Standing there at the base of Zeus's Fist were two campers who's names I needed to learn and at the top of the fist, The Flag.

Fighting them will take too much time, I need to get around them without noticing… Maybe ask Beckendorf to come up with some camouflage armor or something like in the "Demigod Files".

Grabbing a rock, I chuck it at them, hitting one on the head.

"What the Hell?" he yelps as he backs up a bit.

"What are you whining about now?"

"Something just hit me in the head, Someone is out there!"

Using their confusion I dart between trees until I find myself behind the Fist… you know, from this side it looks like a pile of cow shit.

Climbing to the top, I grab the flag and run like Thanatos himself was on my tail.

Running as fast as I could, I could hear the guards behind me chasing me.


At least they weren't stupid enough to ask me to stop.

There it is! The river!

Wait… that's Luke running at the river too!

Grabbing a dagger, I throw it at Luke. No way was I losing.

Stabbing through his jeans, it stabs into the ground, causing him to trip mere inches away from the river.

Jumping over the River, I see Clarisse and Percy's shocked expressions.

Landing on the other side, I raise the flag in the air.

"WHOO!" I yell in victory.

Reaching down, I grab my dagger from Luke's pant leg and let him up.

Then of course the Hellhound showed up.

Bursting out of the forest, the hellhound charges straight at Percy.

So, doing the logical thing, I pull out my shotgun and shoot it, blowing it to dust.

Everyone just stared at me.

"What? Did I screw up?"

Suddenly, everyone stared at Percy in awe or fear. There floating above his head was a sea green Trident.

"All Hail Perseus Jackson, Son of Posiedon. God of the seas and Lord of Horses."

And everyone kneeled.

Except me, I just punch him in the shoulder and ask him if that meant he was related to Ariel from Little Mermaid.

What? I have to mess with him somehow.


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