I'll Add Points To All Things
183 Special Item: The Naughty Soap
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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183 Special Item: The Naughty Soap

14 seconds.

Su Yang got to the bathroom.

10 seconds.

He pushed Gru, who was dancing in front of the mirror, away.

7 seconds.

He got the soap.

5 seconds.

He brought up the system and everything in the bathroom, other than the confused Gru, had a translucent [+] sign above them.

3 seconds.

Su Yang tapped on the plus sign of the soap without a second thought.

2 seconds.


It was the first time that Su Yang hated the system for being slow. Why must the system lag during a crucial moment like this?

Fortunately, before the timer turned 0, the soap gleamed and the point was added. Indeed, adding the first point to any item was as simple as that.

Su Yang heaved a breath of relief. He picked up the soap and the confused Gru, who had fallen onto the floor.

Gru was slightly angry when Su Yang put him on his shoulder. He crossed its arms and grunted, looking away from Su Yang to express its grievance. Su Yang was not concerned anyway. He walked out with the soap in his hand.

After he came out of the bathroom, he saw the brick beside his bed. It had returned to normal. If it did not grant him the 'lucky time', Su Yang might really have perceived it as a normal brick.

'It does…hurt when it smashes someone's face, so…ahem…'

Su Yang put the matter with the brick aside and started to think.

'I can't add a second point to the brick since it's being used, but when it is in cooldown mode, maybe I can add a second point to it with the next Random Point. After all, it has always been my biggest help, be it smashing someone's face or buffing myself with luckiness.'

At the thought of that, the soap's description window popped up from the system.

[Soap +1: Special ability acquired. Appraise? Yes/No]

'Special ability?'

Su Yang was not at all surprised. If he added a point into a new little monster, the soap would have woken up by now.

He tapped on [Yes] without a second thought. He wanted to find out what kind of special ability the soap had gotten. After all, the soap was his second luckiest item other than the brick.

A moment later, the description window of the soap changed.

[Naughty Soap]

[Ability 1: Wash your hand with the soap, and for 10 minutes, every living being that you touch will lose control over their body; the targets can only react instinctively.]

[Ability 2: Whenever the soap falls on the floor, whomsoever sees it will automatically pick it up.]

[Remark 1: This soap is a consumable item. Please use it with care.]

[Remark 2: I am ready. It's your turn now.]

'This soap's ability sounds strange, or is it just my dirty thoughts?'

Su Yang tossed the soap with his hand while he looked around his room. He looked at Gru for a moment but ultimately decided to head out of his room.

Downstairs, Deeny was looking at the holographic panels with furrowed brows. The panels were showing a ton of complicated statistics.

Su Yang walked to her and pretended that he tripped as he exaggeratedly screamed and tossed the soap on the floor.

Confused, Deeny looked at him, wondering what could have caused him to scream. Su Yang was also looking at her. Both of them looked gaze and the awkwardness permeated the air.

He forced an embarrassed smile and said, "M-morning."

Deeny smiled in a cute way. "Morning, Master. I'm looking at the user growth of the apps and…"

She wanted to turn back to the panels and inform Su Yang about the apps but before she could, she laid her eyes on the soap on the floor.

Su Yang also noticed that she was looking at the soap.

Her gaze looked stiff as she stood up rigidly and picked up the soap.

'Whoa, it's that magical? It's like controlling someone with the soap!"

After picking up the soap, Deeny shook her head. "Huh? What just happened?" She looked at the soap in her hand before she passed it to Su Yang. "Master, you dropped your soap."

"Oh…T-thanks." Su Yang had yet to recover from his imagination. He pocketed the soap and Deeny continued where she left off.

"Master, have a look. The number of 'Find Me' users is skyrocketing. In the past hour, we've received almost 50K new users which is almost 50 times our original number."

The numbers pulled Su Yang back from his imagination as he concentrated his gaze on the holographic panels. He asked, "Could this be a hacker launching a cyber-attack?"

"Impossible! Unless some national class hackers hack into the system, normal hackers can't even touch our server and they will never escape my detection," Deeny answered confidently.

Su Yang was impressed by her confident gaze.

'This girl has really improved a lot. A month ago, she didn't know anything. She didn't even know how to top up credits and was easily defeated by Li Runze's app. Now, she is confident enough to face national level hackers alone. Her ability to learn things from the internet without any rest is really impressive.'

Su Yang unconsciously related her to the six remaining [Memory Master Wasabi Cookies]. Deeny was like a discounted version of the cookie that could learn for a full 23 hours. She could absorb the precious knowledge of mankind throughout history whenever she was on the internet.

Why 23 hours? Because she had to spend an hour every day preparing Su Yang's meal.

Deeny waved her hand in front of Su Yang when she noticed him spacing out. "Wake up, Master! Wake up!"

"Ahem. Excuse me. Did you find out why?" asked Su Yang when he regained his senses.

She shook her head. "I'm looking at it right now. I was increasing the server's bandwidth, so I didn't have the time to do it before." She then grinned. "By the way, Master, the server maintenance fee is getting more than more expensive. Do you think it is possible for me to claim it?"

Su Yang tapped her shoulder. "Try to find out what caused the spike. I'll go have an orange first."

Deeny pouted and stared at him with a grudgeful gaze.

A while later, while he was peeling the orange, Deeny's voice chirped in his ears, "Master! I found it! Come and have a look! It's Han Yi! Han Yi shared our app!"

Su Yang was astonished when he heard that. 'Han Yi shared our app?! Why? Because I'm her fan? That shouldn't be right. She shouldn't be aware that I own the app…'

With that in mind, he headed to the living room with the orange.

Deeny walked up to him and showed him the panel. "Master, look! It's Han Yi's Weibo."

Su Yang peeled a piece of orange and stuffed it into Deeny's mouth while checking the holographic panel. The panel displayed Han Yi's Weibo and a status that she had posted today at around 6 a.m.

[I've posted a picture on "Find Me"! Find me there if you are interested!]

The link to "Find Me" was posted together and the picture was her reading a script in front of a computer. The Weibo post had received three to four thousand likes and a few hundred comments by now.


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