Im no liar~
2 Stupid words
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Im no liar~
Author :leikosan0410
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2 Stupid words

She's staring at me. I'm staring back. oh god, oh god, say something! I can't...Words are failing me. I cough and look away from her, feeling a scarlet blush creep across my cheeks. I'm absolutely mortified, what have I done? I know she's straight, she has a boyfriend for gods sake!I just can't help myself...
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"Uh...are you gonna say something?"My voice is low, and I have to keep it from shaking as I speak, my nerves overcoming me. Fuck, I hate that she does this to me...

"I have nothing to say." Aria turns on her heel and walks down the corridor. I almost scream in frustration. Not again! I punch the wall and wince, holding my knuckles, my teeth gritted. Just like Kiya. I've never been with a girl. I've never told a girl I liked her since Kiya, and this is why.

I walk down the foul pizza-smelling corridor and push open the door and jog down the steps, and over to the parking lot. I can't see Aria. Damnit! I walk out of the school lot and walk slowly along the street to the place I need to be right now. The only place I feel good. To the only other lesbian that gets me. The only problem...She's 27...


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