26 My husband always pays attention to others
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Author :FateWarning
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26 My husband always pays attention to others

I hold the letter carried by Ling. My chest is beating fast. Finally I got a letter from Hui An after one week. I sat on the chair.

I looked at Ling who was still in my room. I pretended to cough to give her a signal that I wanted her to go out. I want to read the letter alone.

"Junwangfei, do you feel unwell?" Ling asked me. She did not understand the meaning of the cough I made. She looks worried. I sighed.

"I want to be alone," I answered. For a moment she paused and tilted her head slightly to the left. After a minute of silence, she understood what I meant. Her face turned red and she smiled.

"Junwangfei, forgive me for this insensitivity," she said then walked out of my office. I sighed. Relieved because I'm alone.

I opened the letter in my hand carefully. The writing written by Hui An is very neat. I was fascinated for a moment before reading it.

"My lovely dear wife who have elegance like the Goddess of the Moon," I could not stop myself reading it loudly. Just one line I read it, I feel ashamed. Hui An is very happy to tease me like this. Even in his letter, he write such a word bluntly.

Goddess of the Moon? I smile. Although shy, I'm happy to hear his praise.

"I'm sure that you are worried about me. Forgive me because I can't send messages faster. Initially I intended to send one letter every day. But I did not walk through the usual path. Me and my group decided to use an alternative road so we could get to our destination faster. We passed through forests and small villages so it was difficult for me to find a courier agent or a group of merchants who could deliver my letter to you, "

I read the letter and imagine the difficult situation experienced by Hui An. I feel sad. Hui An is trying to keep his promise to me. He promised to immediately resolve the problems in the area which became his legacy. Therefore, he was forced himself to take a more dangerous path.

I continued reading the letter.

"After three days of walking through forests and small villages, we arrived in a small town. I was lucky to meet a small merchant group. They plan to head to the capital. I immediately wrote this letter and asked one of the merchants in the group to deliver this letter as soon as possible to you. He immediately agreed because I said that I sent a letter to my wife. Looks like this is his first trip to the capital because when I mentioned our wangfu's address, he didn't understand that it was a palace. He even refused the money I gave him, "

I can imagine my husband's face when he met the merchant group. My husband is a man who easily shows his heart through the expression on his face. He must have smiled broadly because someone was willing to help him. I also feel happy because there are still strangers who have good hearts like this merchant. Do not expect rewards.

"I heard the story of this merchant. I feel bad for him. I hope I can help him," I read Hui An's next words. I wrinkle my forehead. My husband did not explain the merchant's problem.

"Only three days have passed, I miss you. I saw the moon shine tonight and I remember you. You are my moon goddess. I will be entertained if I look at the moon because it will make me remember your face," I read it again. My face feels hot. My husband is very good at giving excessive praise like this.

"You have to take care of your health. I will immediately solve the problem in the village. I do not expect your reply to this letter because I know it is very difficult to find someone who can send a letter to my destination. The place is remote and merchants rarely come there," I read the last line of letters from Hui An.

I sighed. I feel disappointed. As Hui An said, if I write a letter it will be difficult for me to send it. Moreover, the destination is through several mountains and hills. The population may not be much. Their economy may also be difficult.

The merchant group must be reluctant to visit the place.

"Forgive this lower servant, Junwangfei. I want to convey information. The head merchant who delivered the letter to Wangfu excused himself. Is there anything Jungwangfei wants to say to him? I will deliver it? "Ling suddenly said from outside my room.

I looked at the letter in my hand. The merchant has traveled a long way to give me this letter. I felt that I had to meet him in person to be thankful.

"No need. I will meet him," I said and took the outer cloths and put them on. I saw my appearance. Not bad.

"Fine, Junwangfei," Ling answered.
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I left my room. Ling walked behind me. We walked to the main hall of Wangfu.

"Is Yao Mama holding it now?" I asked. Usually Yao Mama will soon meet every guest who comes to Wangfu. She accompanied the guests until I arrived so that the guest did not feel ignored.

"She was there a long time ago. Yao Mama told me to wait for you to finish reading the letter from Junwangye. After that I can ask for your guidance," Ling said. The instructions referred by Yao Mama are the amount of money given to the merchant as a reward.

"Good," I replied happily. Arriving at the main hall, the merchant who was waiting immediately stood up He immediately bent half his body and saluted.

"I wish you a long life, Junwangfei. This humble people are happy to meet you," the merchant said. I smile.

"Thank you sir?"

"My name is Sheng. My surname is Liang," the trader said.

"Mr. Liang, please sit down," I asked. He straightened his head then sat down. Looking at his face, I estimate that Mr. Liang is only in his thirties. He doesn't look too old. He is not handsome like Liu Gongzhi.

Mr. Liang Sheng took two small wooden boxes on the table next to him. Ling readily approached the merchant and accepted the box.

"Junwangfei, I'm sorry. I only brought tea for you. Next time, I will bring you expensive herbs," the merchant said cheerfully. I frowned. I received the box from Ling and opened it. I know that the tea provided is high quality. I gave it to Yao Mama. Yao Mama smiled.

This Mr. Liang said 'next time'. I understand what that means. He certainly hopes that he can cooperate with me.

"This is enough. Thank you, Mr. Liang," I said casually. I feel a little worried. If this merchant asks for my help to expand his business in the capital then I will feel ashamed because I cannot help him. My reputation has been ruined because of my suicide attempt. As for Hui An, the people in this city called him the Waste Prince.

It seems he has never heard my story and the story of my husband.

"I am a small trader in a small town. A man approached me very politely. He asked my help to deliver a letter to his beloved wife. I was surprised when I arrived at the capital. It turns out that man is a prince," Mr. Liang Sheng said with an embarrassed expression.

"Jungwangye is someone like that. He is polite to anyone. It's not your fault if you consider Jungwangye to be an ordinary person," I reassured him. He nodded his head then smiled. Look relieved.

"I thank you for sending this letter. I can only give a little silver to you," I called Ling to whisper some silver to give.

"Junwangfei, I'm sorry. I do not expect money. If I can, I ask for your help," he said nervously. I sighed. Looks like this man really wants to ask for my help to develop his business.

"What can I do for you?" I asked in a voice as calm as possible while thinking of a plausible reason to reject it. Don't let it be seen that my husband and I don't have power.

"I'm looking for my wife. I have done evil things to her. She fled to the capital," he said, his face bright red. His eyes filled with tears. He seemed to hold back his tears.

I am shocked.

"Your wife fled to the capital?" I asked again. He nodded his head.

"In the past, I only knew about gambling and spending my inheritance in that gambling table. She escaped to the capital after I beat her because she prevent me from gambling. I'm lamented. I want to improve our relationship. I changed myself during this three years. I learned to trade so I had the chance to go to this capital city," Mr. Liang said again. I actually feel annoyed to hear his words.


Beat his wife?

It's only natural that his wife runs away.

"Are you really looking for her? What if she is married to someone else?" I asked him. He was surprised to hear my words. His face turned pale.

"At least I can ask for forgiveness. If she rejects me, I can understand. At least I can meet her one last time," he said with a gloomy face. I knocked slowly on the table. Consider my abilities.

Looking for people in the capital city is not easy.

I really have no power and people look down on my husband.

However, I have a influential father. I also have a younger brother who has a wide range of relationships. I can ask for their help, right? In his letter, Hui An asked me to help this merchant. He said that he was 'feel pity and hoped he could help this merchant'. Although he did not ask me to help Mr. Liang, his words in the letter clearly implied that.

"Do you have her painting?" I asked him. He shook his head.

"Can you describe her face?" I asked.

"I remember my wife's face very well," he said solemnly.

"Ling, bring paper, brush and ink," I said to Ling firmly. Ling smiled. Her eyes sparkled and then nodded her head.

He has no his wife's picture but I can draw it from his describe.


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