My mate is an ultra alpha
67 future is always a mystery......
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My mate is an ultra alpha
Author :nakshathra
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67 future is always a mystery......

author pov.

a three-year-old kid who was half-naked was running in front of the packhouse .a loud voice can be heard behind him.

"ALEXANDER COME BACK RIGHT NOW".even people in training field felt the tremendous amount of power which was coming from the voice.

the one who shouted was Sara who was the busy inputting shirt on the baby boy who was running from her she reached outside and said.

" Williams catch your son and bring him here ".

Williams who was training the pups came to her.

" baby calm down, I will get can't take stress yourself like this ".

Williams made sure Sara was clam down before catching his son who was running.

when he bought him near Sara he started to wiggle from his father's grips.

" Why are you behaving like this....cant you stand in a place so that I could put this shirt on you".allof a sudden Sara was tearing up.

which made Williams and Alexander to panic.

"mommy I am sorry, please don't cry " small hands started to wipe Sara's tears.

Williams coaxed his son and wife and lead them inside the packhouse......

all of it was as if the dream. which happened around three years ago when Sara faced Sebastian in the war field.

every one thought Sara would kill him but that didn't happen...........

three years ago

"do you feel the pain now Sabastian, you should know that this pain was inflicted by you...".

Sara was standing in front of Sabastian but didn't touch him instead she showed him the pain and suffering which she felt when she lost everything.

" I didn't plan to kill you...... you're going to be alive but you're never going to hurt physically ".

but no one knew what happens to because all of a sudden Sara kneeled in front of him and said something to him in the whisper which widened Sabastian eyes, and a blinding light appeared from the sky which blinded everyone from few moments no one knew what happed that time , when the light was gone, Sebastian was also gone.

Sara was still in her kneeling position when Williams reached her .when he touched her she fell into his embrace unconsciously.

he took her to pack hospital where he came to know that, his child was growing in her.


everything was as if passed by a blink.

he had a naughtiest son in the world who makes sure to keep Sara busy.

he remembers the moment he held his son after his birth. he was so tiny, but now he is already three years old.

and his family was safe and especially Sara who was his world, whom he lost and reincarnated to be with her was living beside him as his luna.

the ultra alphas luna...


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