Nine Star Hegemon Body Art
Chapter 1575 A Competition of Experts
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Nine Star Hegemon Body Art
Author :Ordinary Magician
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Chapter 1575 A Competition of Experts

“Come, smile. Smile a bit more naturally!”

Hearing Guo Ran’s plea, Long Chen smiled helplessly. He placed an arm on Guo Ran's shoulder, and lightning sparked. Guo Ran’s body immediately stiffened. His hair stood on end, and that smile froze. He stood there, straight as a bamboo pole. On the surface, he looked very much at attention.

“Are you trying to scare a child? If you are, you’ve managed to achieve your goal, so you can put away your aura. If you want to fight, then all you need to do is nod your head. When it comes to fighting, I, Qu Jianying, have never been afraid of anyone.” Qu Jianying looked indifferently at Yu Xiaoyun as his aura rose. She clasped her hands behind her back, not at all moved by his power.

“Long Chen, don’t worry. She’s family. The old man- aiya!” The seventh boss was in the midst of whispering to Long Chen when he was sent flying by the old man’s staff.

“You’re talking too much.” The old man glanced at the seventh boss. That warning gaze was clear.

Long Chen was a bit confused, not knowing why the seventh boss would suddenly be beaten for nothing.

At this moment, Yu Xiaoyun’s rising aura vanished. Only then did others manage to stand again. However, their faces were all ashen. Netherpassage experts were absolutely terrifying. Even their previous exchanges had been nothing more than probing blows.

Netherpassage experts were in control of life and death. Such people were already close to the gods.

“Qu Jianying, what do you think you’re doing? If there are any problems, we can talk it out. My Pill Valley will see what we can do. If you want to fight, then my true body will immediately come and we can have a real battle,” said Yu Xiaoyun coldly. He was clearly expressing his attitude. If Qu Jianying forced him, then he would summon his true body.

“Hmph, don’t use your true body to threaten others. If your true body could come, it’d have long since come. You want to talk it out? Fine. In the future, keep your claws cleaner and don’t reach them out randomly. I, Qu Jianying, have not died yet. Long Chen belongs to a sect of my Martial Heaven Alliance and is one of my disciples. This matter can end here,” said Qu Jianying.

Hearing that, Long Chen was surprised. This Qu Jianying was actually intent on protecting him? That was completely going against Pill Valley.

“Impossible. In the Spirit World, Long Chen-” began Yu Xiaoyun.

“Stop talking about the Spirit World. It’s impossible for you to drown out the real history by spreading fake books and stories. I know that there are at least ten people here who know the truth about the Spirit World. It’s just that no one wants to mention them. Do you not know all the immoral things you’ve done? If that’s the case, then I won’t mind telling the story of the Spirit World and Martial Heaven Continent, letting these children who have been overdosed in your false history learn the truth,” said Qu Jianying without yielding in the slightest.

Hearing her say that, everyone’s hearts shook. Qu Jianying was the head of the Martial Heaven Alliance and a Netherpassage expert. She had to know some secrets.

Most people had only heard public stories about the Spirit World. Those stories said that the Spirit World had been allied with the Martial Heaven Continent, but in the human race’s most dangerous moment, the Spirit race had betrayed them, stabbing them in their back, which resulted in them becoming mortal enemies.

However, there were no detailed accounts regarding why the Spirit World had betrayed the human race.

Just now, Long Chen had said that he would explain, but the sharp-mouthed Life Star expert hadn’t given him a chance to, and Long Chen had killed him in his fury.

After that interruption, Long Chen had lost the desire to explain, disappointing them. Now that Qu Jianying said this though, everyone was sure there was something suspicious about it.

Long Chen always acted openly. He disdained lying. If he had simply denied that he had killed humans in the Spirit World, no one would have been able to do anything to him, especially since he was worshipped by countless disciples.

However, he hadn’t done that. Just from that, it was possible to see his character. He had to have his own reason. That reason most likely related to this secret Qu Jianying had mentioned to Yu Xiaoyun.

“Alliance head, we very much want to know the truth,” said Zi Yan amongst the neutral camp.

“You’re the apprentice of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s Jun Ruolan?” Qu Jianying did not reply. Instead, she asked Zi Yan’s origins.

“That’s right. Disciple Zi Yan greets senior.” Zi Yan bowed.

Qu Jianying nodded. “You’re worthy of being from the Illusive Music Immortal Palace. This karmic luck makes one envious. Do you really want to know the truth? If you learn it, your master might get angry.”

“What? Why?” asked Zi Yan.

“Qu Jianying, you shouldn’t talk rubbish. If you want to talk, you should bring out proof and pay attention to your status!” shouted Yu Xiaoyun.

“Valley master…” Suddenly, the Flame Divine Palace’s master ran over dejectedly to Yu Xiaoyun and handed him a photographic jade.

Looking at what was depicted, Yu Xiaoyun’s expression immediately changed. He suddenly roared at Li Tianxuan, “Xuantian Dao Sect, what is this?!”

Everyone was curious as to what the photographic jade had recorded to make Yu Xiaoyun suddenly act like this.

“It’s nothing. I just entrusted the Huayun Sect with spreading the truth of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s destruction to the public, letting all the Eastern Xuan Region’s people know exactly who did this. That way, they can’t accuse Long Chen of doing it. What, does that dissatisfy you?” asked Li Tianxuan politely. “Are you curious about how a fight amongst divine items could be recorded so completely? Then you can only blame yourself for underestimating the Reincarnation Mirror. Although it’s only a quasi divine item, it’s not used for fighting. It has its own special abilities, allowing it to record everything that happens in the Xuantian Dao Sect. Even if you used the Brahma Divine Diagram, even if you screened off the heavens, even if you threw space into chaos, it’s all useless. That is its heaven-defying ability. Valley master, it was your Pill Valley that participated in the destruction of my Xuantian Dao Sect and then accused Long Chen of the crime. Don’t you think you need to give an explanation to my Xuantian Dao Sect in front of all these people?”

Everyone became dumbfounded, including the experts behind Yu Xiaoyun.

“How is that possible? If Pill Valley participated in the destruction of the Xuantian Dao Sect, can they even be called neutral?”

The neutral camp’s experts were even more stunned. This news was too shocking.

“Was Pill Valley really scheming against Long Chen? They wanted to make the public opinion of him as low as possible and then borrow everyone’s hands to kill him?”

“But why would Pill Valley do this? How does killing Long Chen benefit them?”

“I heard that Long Chen’s conflict with Pill Valley stemmed from the Pill Tower. The Pill Tower’s master wanted Long Chen’s treasures, so he sent people to hunt him down in the Four Nations Ancient Remnant.”

The neutral camp’s experts immediately exploded into a discussion, bringing up all sorts of points. Although they didn’t know the full details, they chose to trust Long Chen. When they looked at this situation from Long Chen’s viewpoint, many things became clear.

“Who did this? Who was so brazen as to secretly take out a divine item and participate in a secular battle?!” roared Yu Xiaoyun, glaring at the palace master.

“Valley master… I…” The palace master instantly became terrified.

“Bastards, how brazen!”

Yu Xiaoyun furiously waved his hand, and the palace master’s throat was caught in his hand. The palace master, a peak Life Star expert, had no ability to resist.

“Valley master… spare me…” begged the palace master.

Unfortunately for him, Yu Xiaoyun ignored his begging. The Daynight Furnace behind Yu Xiaoyun swallowed the palace master. After a moment, the palace master’s wail of despair came from within it before everything fell silent.

“I will carefully investigate this matter. If traitors appeared in my Pill Valley, I will definitely give you an explanation. But if that’s not the case and someone is attempting to frame Pill Valley, well, although we are neutral, we’re not someone just anyone can slander! Goodbye!”

The Daynight Furnace broke through the void, and Yu Xiaoyun’s figure vanished.


When Yu Xiaoyun returned to Pill Valley, he immediately slammed the chair in front of him, turning it into dust. His expression was twisted. He no longer had his calm air.

“How infuriating! How did you mess up so badly that you left behind such irrefutable evidence?! You couldn’t even handle something as insignificant as this?!” roared Yu Xiaoyun, his voice shaking the entire room.

The palace master was standing in front of Yu Xiaoyun, completely safe and sound. If Long Chen and the others could see this, they would definitely prostrate themselves in admiration toward their acting abilities.

“It was an accident. No one would have expected that a quasi divine item would have such a heaven-defying ability. Even the Brahma Divine Diagram’s screening was ineffective against it. That bastard Li Tianxuan is too crafty,” said the palace master helplessly.

Yu Xiaoyun took a deep breath, and his anger slowly faded. He returned to calm. “Go find a few unlucky fellows in the Flame Divine Palace. Your two vice palace masters will probably have to be tossed out along with them!”

“Valley master!”

Yu Xiaoyun waved his hand, shaking his head. “This matter has grown too big. We must give an explanation to the Eastern Xuan Region. Not only do they have to die, you…”

“Valley master, you…”

“You don’t need to die, but your identity will have to die. Otherwise, there’d be no way to settle these waves. Other than that, send someone to the Xuantian Dao Sect to apologize and offer compensation to settle this.”

“We even need to compensate them?”

“Nonsense, how could we not compensate them when we destroyed their sect? Go, find someone good at bargaining. But be prepared to be taken for a killing. They won’t let us off cheaply,” said Yu Xiaoyun helplessly. He had nowhere to vent his rage. There was nothing he could do.

Once the palace master left, Yu Xiaoyun took a deep breath. “Long Chen, I’ll let you be pleased for now. We’ll settle our debts later.”
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