Only Her
1 Only Her - Chapter One S1
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Only Her
Author :iiBloomii
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1 Only Her - Chapter One S1

Walking down the hall, Halsey looks down at her shoes. Looking up, she barely misses a group of kids snickering and whispering across the hall. She catches a glimpse of an insult, but passes through her ear quickly. "Hey, Halsey." A voice trickles up her spine. She flashes her eyes behind her, ready to tell whoever is next to put her down, to just leave. "Anything better to do tha-" She feels a warmth of arms pounce around her, looking down, Stephanie chuckles.

"Aren't you supposed to be in class?"

"Well, aren't you supposed to be?" Stephanie snaps back. "Well yeah but, I.. It's just.." I choke on my words. "Come on, let's go." Stephanie pulls my hand as the silence continues to play.

"Hey!" Halsey barely pulls Stephanie back and pushes her onto the lockers.

"Why don't you ever just be.. Be more negative?" Halsey pauses and looks down.

"Why should I be? It gets you no where," Stephanie exclaims, "You should really try the good vibes life, it really brings out your good side." Stephanie makes a gesture, which I reply with a nasty Grinch face.

"Just.. Just leave me alone, okay?!" I snatch my hand back, it slides against the lockers leaving my skin peeled back, dripping blood.

"Halsey!" Stephanie calls after me. I keep running and tears rip down my face, when I reach the lower first floor, I ball up and sob. "My hand aches so bad.." Halsey whispers. I look at my hand, bruised and bloody.

"Stephanie.. God this is all your fault!" I scream.

"Why do you have to be a living hell for me.." I stomp upstairs and across the hall to the nurses office. She stares at my red and wet face. "Are you okay Dear?" The nurse grabs some cleansing wipes and starts to rub away the smeared blood from my arm and hands. "You must have had a pretty rough day.. But It'll get better, I promise you sweetie."

"Yeah, It get's better, doesn't it.."

As I rush back to class, the bell has already rung. I walk in to see students rushing out back to their lockers. I grab my stuff and try to rush out, swinging my backpack and hitting a picture frame.

"Halsey!" The teacher calls after me. I slam the door as I circle back to my lock. On my way back, I bump into a strange girl, and don't quite catch a glimpse of her eyes.

"Ah! Excuse me, I didn't mean to.." I look up, pretty faces should only exist from another planet, am I wrong? I gaze deeply into her eyes until..

"Hey! You made me drop my stuffs!" She yells at me, my faces turns bright pink as I struggle to give her stuff back into a neat pile. "I-I am so sorry, I just! I don't- I... I!" My words turn into a complete gibber and the girl glares straight into me. It felt as if I was disappearing. "Don't. Touch. My. Stuffs!" She snatches her books from me and kicks me to aside. Like trash on the side of the curb. "I'm sorry!" I yelled back, I don't know why I couldn't contain my inner weird and awkward self. I cover my face, still on the floor, and scream at myself. "Why, why'd I have to do that!" I lecture myself until I hear the bell ringing, I look up as I see everyone go into the classes. I do the same and my face stays bright pink for the whole day, what's wrong with me..!

I open the door to smell burning porridge, mom still sleeping, and dad not in sight from the entrance. As I walk in more, I hear a thump. "..." I stay silent and creep through the kitchen, turning off the stove, I walk into the bedroom.



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