Part Wolf
72 Chapter 72: Actions of a careless amateur
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Part Wolf
Author :obsessedWithWolves
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72 Chapter 72: Actions of a careless amateur

"Now, now Irina. Calm down." Alpha Li said, rising from his seat. 

Elize sucked her breath in and made herself scarcely visible. She didn't want to be in his line of sight. She was unable to see the darkness surrounding him anymore. It was probably due to her loss of powers. That was the only good thing that happened as an outcome of touching the Dam Sehlah. She didn't have to see the terrifying sight anymore, Elize thought thankfully. Although that was so, she could still feel a strange static that was coming off of him. It made her insides quiver and the hair on her skin stand up. This man was not a mere werewolf. She was sure of that, if not anything else. He had a dark secret that she didn't know about. Who else knew about it? She thought looking around the room. 

"Oh? And I should listen to you because?" Irina asked, moving to stand in front of her, cutting off her sight of the rest of the room.

"I ensure you of Elize's safety." She heard the old man say. His voice had a magnetic allure to it, that she hadn't noticed earlier. Elize forced herself to not fidget and move around like her body wanted to. "Li Jun, take Ling'er back to her room. She needs rest." He commanded.

There was a scuffle of clothes in the room and a grunt. It was probably Meiling, Elize guessed. Soon after, she heard the door swing open and close shut in quick succession. Suddenly Irina laughed, a bit too coldly unlike her usual self. Elize noticed that nothing had changed in her friend physically. Did she fail to notice something else in the witch earlier?

"Let's say I don't trust you." Irina said, moving forward. Elize could now see the old man's changing face as the witch walked towards him. His expression quickly changed from an arrogant smirk to an annoyed one. Suddenly his eyes were on her. Elize's heart started beating nervously. Alpha Li cocked his head to the side and gave her a wide toothed smile. His handsomely rugged face took on an evil shade, the scar on the side of his face highlighting the effect. Elize looked away quickly, unable to hold the gaze. The man was making her feel all sorts of discomfort. Her eyes landed on Irina, whose Amber eyes met hers. The witch broke into a beautiful smile, making a slow calm seep into her body.

"She's so beautiful." She heard Nina whisper in awe next to her.

Elize couldn't agree more. Her friend was indeed beautiful, her elfish features somehow giving her a familiar vibe. She zoned out of reality, a wishful thought pulling at her heart. Irina reminded her of someone she'd seen before. A woman who she'd only seen in a photo frame. Elize shook her head. No, there was no way that that was possible. She had felt the same when Luna had once appeared before her. So this was all probably in her head. Maybe, it was just her wishful thinking that she'd find a side of her family who she'd never met her entire life.

"One wrong move old man, and you'll be the dinner they serve here tonight." Irina's sharp words brought her back from her thoughts. 

Elize noticed a few quick changes that happened in the blink of an eye. Nina was standing in front of her in an attacking positing, her claws elongating from her hands. Irina now had a finger raised against Alpha Li, a strong force of magic coming off of it. The old man was closer to where Elize was standing, an arrogant smirk on his face. 

"Grrrrrr." Low growls came from the guards standing on all corners of the room. 

Elize had missed something that probably was going to end her life. She cursed herself for the moment of distraction. She had to be more careful while in a room full of werewolves, she reminded herself. 

She shivered as the old man shot her a wink. Elize backed herself against the wall, positioning herself well behind Nina. Alpha Li laughed at her reaction and turned towards his guards.

"Calm down my puppies, she was just joking." He said, waving his hands at them.

He slowly walked back towards his couch and sat down languidly, assuming the air of a king. 

"You can try testing." Irina said, walking towards him, her hips swaying playfully as she took one step after the other in a teasing manner.

Elize's mouth fell open. What was she trying to play at now?! She thought in shock. She watched as the old man's gaze locked on the sway of the witch's body. His eyes gleaming with something dark that Elize recognized well enough. The man had looked at her the same way earlier. Aileen was sitting in a couch opposite the old man's. Her expression mirrored Elize, as one of shock mixed with what she guessed was disgust.

Suddenly someone cleared their throat. Elize looked towards the direction. Zack was standing on the opposite end of the room, with an awkward countenance. 

"Irina please. Let's not make matters worse." He said, taking a step forward.

Irina turned to him in an annoyed manner, her brows raised in question.

"You're one to talk." She mocked. "As the Alpha of this Island, shouldn't you be holding a tribunal for investigating the crimes your grandfather has done against the future Luna of the pack?" Irina asked with a shrug.

"I-" Zack stuttered, his head hung low in guilt.

Suddenly the old man's voice rose up. "Crimes? Pray tell, what have I done?" He asked, his face mocking innocence.

"You not only played with magic that is banned to your kind but also exposed Elize to it, harming the flow of magic within her body." Aileen replied, cutting in.

Alpha Li laughed, his chest shaking from the action. "I have done no such thing." He said, "The Tohar Sehlah had appeared on its own in front of me. Also, your friend was the one who knowingly exposed herself to it."

"That's a lie! I did no such thing!" Elize exclaimed, forgetting her fear of the man.

The old man's gaze fell on her, as his mouth curved into a sinister smile. "Don't tell me girl, that as a witch, you didn't know that the rock had magical properties to it?" He mocked.

Elize didn't know what to say. It was true that she had sensed the magic emanating off of the rock. But she had no choice but to go near it since Mikail was in danger. 

"I-" She stuttered.

Alpha Li shrugged. "See? My hands are clean." He said, displaying his palm in front of him.

"Then why did I see you with your hands around Elize?!" Zack asked, his voice rising.

The nerves on his neck were protruding. The muscles on his arms were flexed. He had his palms in a fist. Elize knew that he was angry. Did that mean he believed her? Did he hold his grandfather accountable then? Was he on her side? He must be, after all that they've gone through together. Then why was he being cold to her? Elize thought sadly.

"I simply saved her from the lasting effects of touching the rock. I put myself at risk when I touched her after she was exposed to the magic. It was she who then continued to cling on to me." Alpha Li said, pointing at Elize.

The way that he explained, made him look like the good guy. He made her look like a careless amateur with just a few words. Elize couldn't believe the height of this man's craftiness. He must be a born liar. There was nothing more hateful to her than a man who made others take the blame for his actions. If he hadn't done what he had on that night, she wouldn't have bothered to even go there. She was sure after what happened between the evil man and herself on that night, that he had planned the whole thing just to get to her. What was his problem with her anyway? It's not like he could get Zack to marry Meifeng anymore since she had found her mate. Why does the man loathe her so much? After all, she was half a wolf as well. 

"You must be kidding me." Zack said, his jaw clenching in anger.

"Anyway, that is my explanation." The old man said, leaning back against his couch. "If you have any problems with it, then you can hold a tribunal for finding out what you think is the truth. But then in order to prove me a criminal, you'd need witnesses as well as the rock in question. You still want to go forward with it?"

"That won't be necessary." Irina said, taking a seat next to Aileen.

Elize was shocked. Why would Irina say something like that?! Wasn't it her who suggested a tribunal earlier?

"What?!" Zack exclaimed, his face, mirroring Elize's.

But since I don't trust you with her anymore, I can't let you stay anywhere near her for the time being." The red headed witch said, ignoring Zack.

"As you wish." Alpha Li said with a smile. "I even have a proposal along the lines."


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