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188 Why I Became A Contractor: Part 25
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Phone App: Portable Armory
Author :MaxwellKHA
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188 Why I Became A Contractor: Part 25

Tuesday, 10th of April 2018. Bunker. 2300 Hours.

The cold war era tunnel with a small glimpse of light was the one I could see in the middle of the bunker. The cemented tunnel led me to an underground structure that was used by someone before me to take shelter when bomb hits or something like that.

The entrance was closed with a giant blast door that perhaps could withstand a direct hit from a nuclear bomb. There was no way to break that door so I needed to use my phone to open that door.

I put the phone near that blast door and it opened very slowly due to the heavy metals contained inside of that blast door. The area behind the door was a parking lot for cars and vehicles. Judging from the size of the lift and the parking lot itself, it might be possible that a tank could be parked here.

'Hmm, new home.' The motorcycle moved to the parking lot. That bunker was most likely owned by a covert unit from a country. It was most likely to be owned by the C.I.A considering how many western techs available there.

The parking lot was filled with vehicles. One of them was an unfamiliar vehicle owned by someone whom I didn't know. I parked my motorcycle in that parking lot and someone opened the blast door of that vault.

"Who's there?" The figure shouted while holding a Galil AR with a silencer. She was wearing the black heavy body armor as same as me albeit she didn't cover her face that well.

The figure looked in my direction. She put her weapon down and walked in my direction. She opened her helmet and her face concealment. I didn't think that any contractor would have the nerve doing that, but well, her next line explained it.

"Echo said you'll be staying in this bunker for quite a while. A chef or a maid would be good for now. Isn't that correct? Lynn." The figure offered her hands.

Her smile was so wicked. She seemed to know everything. "How do you know?" She looked at my frowned eyes.

"It's a responsibility for me to know everyone especially since I'm everyone's medic. Can I help you?" She offered to carry my bag. I gave my bag to her. She walked away from that motorcycle.

I got off and she asked me to follow her and so I did. I followed that woman from the bunker. The first front door led to a white hallway that gave some luxurious vibe. It felt as if this bunker was made to accommodate VIP instead of covert operatives.

"My alias is Tango, call me Aline. This bunker used to be a piece of shit until I came," She walked through the hallway with my bag on her back.

He eventually led me to an area that had many similarities to a cafeteria. There were tables and chairs in that area. There was also a kitchen that seemed to be usually cleaned.

"What do you want? I have lots of food in this bunker. It's not like I'm living a cheapskate live here," Aline put my backpack near one of the tables.

She told me to put down my helmet since nobody would access this bunker without her authorization even the contractors. I did that and put my helmet and balaclava on the table in that cafeteria.

I followed her to the kitchen of that bunker. That kitchen was big with a very large stove and other things. It must have been made to accommodate feeding lots of people at the same time. However, it looked like Aline didn't use much of that kitchen mainly since she was living alone here.

"It's quite a pain to maintain a bunker this big alone. What do you want? Beer? Wine? Alcohol? Or me?" Aline said.

I half-smiled at her and pointed my finger at the wine on the large fridge. I took them with my hands and Aline took two glasses. Both of us went back to the large cafeteria room.

We sat down in one of the chairs. Aline opened the bottle of wine and she poured a glass for me. I sipped on it and it was good, probably better than what Tara had given to me.

"You know Lynn. You should take a break, at this point, you have done half of your revenge," Aline said.

I put the glass on the table, crossed my hands, and sighed. "Aline, it's not that I don't want to stop. I just couldn't."

"I know." Aline poured the wine again.

"By the way. What will happen with my data? My turrets and all other bullshit I've placed on my house," I asked.

"That's why we're friends. Echo and the other contractors will take care of that for you. They're in your home currently, erasing any evidence." Aline drank a glass of wine.

"How about the data my parents and I have gathered. Those data is priceless," I said.

"It has been transferred by Sierra to the main server in this bunker and he compiled together with our data. Right now, you have access to the most advanced database around here," Aline said.

I had no comments on that. It was too good to be true, to be honest. It was not like I deserved this proper treatment, but I had no choice. Going back upstairs wasn't an option for me since I could be exposed.

"Right now Lynn. Lay down while Echo took care of your school problem. At this point, you'd be better off learning in this bunker and planning everything here," Aline said as the bottle of wine ran out.

She stood up from the cafeteria table. "C'mon, let me show where your room is." I picked up my backpack and walked to the hallway again.

As we walked Aline explained that this bunker was used to be owned by the United States until she decided to buy it at a trade price. She then revised and fix the bunker with the help of the other contractors. The bunker was designed to accommodate 25 VIPs in their luxury room.

"Alright, here's the key to your room. Have fun," Aline gave me a key and I entered my room.

As the door was opened, my mouth was also widely opened. The beeping noise from the air conditioner came from the air conditioner and the room suddenly became cooler. The bed in that room was very huge with the same specification as a king-size bed.

The room was way bigger than my room and in fact, that room was a bedroom and a living room merged. This room was what you would expect if you stay at five stars hotel or something like that.

I put my bag near the door and took off my combat boots. I disrespected this room with my dirty boots. My feet touched the expensive wooden floor of that room.

I walked past the bed, into the living room. There was a couch, a bookshelf, a table, and a very huge TV in that room. There was also another partition which was the working room where I could study. That room had an even larger bookshelf and a big computer on the study desk.

It felt overwhelming to me as I walked around that room mindlessly. For the first time in the last couple of months, I felt safe. It was not like that I was being watched or hunted every single damn time.

The bunker gave a sense of safety to me. It was pleasant. There was another room inside of that room. It was the bathroom. The bathroom was very big with one shower and one bathtub. There was one closet in that bathroom.

"Neat," I said as I closed the bathroom door. Today has been a long day and it was not like that I wanted to spend more of my time looking around the bunker, but my curiosity got the better of me.

I walked outside of my room with my SCAR-H on my back. There was a plate that shows the direction in that bunker. I headed for a room called the laundry room. I walked in the hallway to the laundry room.

When I entered, my first reaction was surprising. There were a lot of washing machines in there. There was also this room called the drying room which would help dry one clothes faster.

It turned out that the drying room has one or two heat pipes that circulate heat in that room. The room made me sweaty so I closed it and got out of that laundry room.

My next destination was the server room which was located on another side of the bunker. The server room was very big with a lot of servers inside of it. It might be used for storing data, but you would never know since the contractor always had secrecy.

However, right now, I had seen enough. I went back to my bedroom to get some sleep.


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