Psycho: You're dead
2 Drowning
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Psycho: You're dead
Author :I_give_up123
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2 Drowning

Rin's point of view:

It had been days since Rin's mother disappeared, but Rin knew she was probably just on a vacation. His hair lightened as he ran towards his father who was cleaning the tidy space of their living room. "Buddy, I can't play right now." Rin got a bit frustrated; his father did always prioritize him. Always.

-Why won't he play with me, he's so mean. I know, he misses mummy. Or maybe not? Of course, stupid, he misses her. I miss her more thought! Oh, look! It's a butterfly." Rin became distracted by the little red butterfly with the patterns of eyes on its back. When it landed on his hand, he felt content. It felt right.

A sudden pain appeared near his arm. His hand covered in blood and his throat soar. The smell was disturbing, he couldn't explain why. His heartrate was high, and his lungs tried to get more air. Something was wrong …

"THAT BI***! HOW DARE SHE RUN AWAY! F***! How am I supposed to pay that f****** rent? And that retarded son, how could she make me take care of him." It was his father's voice roaring in anger, but it couldn't be him. His father would never say such things.

Rin went into their living room. The furniture had been ripped apart and scattered throughout the small living space. Blue pillows seemed like had been gutted, and the grey couch had been stained greatly. The small Maplewood table was filled with empty cups and many were shattered. Rin's eyes met his father's. It hadn't even taken a second before his father's raging eyes only was a few centimetres from his.

"THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! If you had never been born, then I would still have my job. I should have ended you when I first saw you as an infant. And that ungrateful runt seems to have wanted to get rid of you too." His father hissed while he held Rin's forearm with great force. The half-grown beard made his father look like a madman, but Rin didn't seem to think that.

"What do you mean?" His small voice asked the intimidating man. Rin was confused and didn't understand what his father was implying, even thought it was obvious. Suddenly he went airborne towards the kitchen table. His eyes widened in fear.

The red butterfly covered his face. Everything went black … His bare feet were embracing the cold mud near the crystal blue lake. His hands wet. Rin didn't know why he just stood there; he usually would have jumped as soon he was near the water. However, he didn't move. Black hair moved along with the water, like it had always been there. Shaken, his small frame approached the sight.

The red butterflies landed on the streaming back as if it were their only chance at survival, their eyed wings boring into Rin's shaken soul.

-What is that? Look Rin, you can do it. No, I can't, I'm to afraid. I must go home to daddy and mummy. They must miss me; they will be crying over me. I should go now, but I must see what that black water is. However, I shouldn't. I must return home now … -

Trying to gain control over his own mind did only create more confusion. The butterflies still sat on the black water, and Rin didn't know what to do. His hands clutched so hard that it made droplets of blood run through his fingers. Tears began forming in fear as he kept looking at the source of all these emotions. His feet encountered the mud as his small body reached towards the butterflies. Water began flowing around his frame until he stood right beside the black grass like substance.

His hand dragged the black up from the crystal water. Green eyes met his violet. His breathing stopped as the pale face of his mother stared into him. The butterflies flew as the woman he had called mummy dragged him under the surface with her by his neck. His throat burned as he tried to fight to get free. His arm throbbed in pain as she had scratched his fair skin, the water reddened. He managed to drag himself up from the water, he took a quick glance behind himself to see his mother staring at him. The pale skin made her appear like she had been cursed, her eyes desperately showcasing her trying to drown Rin.
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Once again, a butterfly landed on his face, this one was more blood red than the previous. He awoke by a sharpened headache. It appeared that he still lied under the kitchen table, but the edge of the light wood was stained red. Shivering, Rin closed his eyes waiting to awaken from this gruesome nightmare. Despite his efforts, it didn't seem to work.

-Mummy, why did you do that? Dad, why? It hurts, what did I do wrong. I just want to wake up, please … - Fear begun soon to blend in with laughter. "This is a joke, isn't it? It must be." The shaking laughing voice of Rin managed to say even thought it was difficult to understand. Lifting himself up from the ice-cold floor, Rin's dimples was clearly displayed along with his faint freckles.

The tv was on, but Rin didn't make a noise. He was determined that he should go to bed without alerting his father. When he entered the hallway which also led into the kitchen, he turned back to see knives newly washed. His eyes emitted a faint light, but they soon dimmed as his expression showcased disgust.

He didn't know why, but he felt a sudden urge to grab the knife and plunge it into something … living. He knew that it wasn't right, the urge felt pleasing thought. It ended up with him hiding one of the knives under his pants, then he went to sleep.

"It's a dream, I'm certain of it" Rin told himself as he lulled himself to sleep


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