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She transmigrated and started different life
Author :JennyS
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427 427. New friends

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While the two looked at her in wonder, Gloria and one young man that looked similar to her came closer.

"I heard you talking. Can we join you in the city? Oh, by the way, this is my younger brother, John." Gloria pushed John forward and he blushed like a young maiden, stunning everyone.

He started slightly stuttering. "I... My name is John Sima. We are from Alakk country on the Comashin continent."

Kendra bowed. "I'm Kendra Johnson."

John nodded and then stepped behind Gloria and just quietly looked around, making the four girls chuckle.

Kendra's growling belly made them all laugh again and they rushed downstairs and towards the city. 

The problem was, the school itself was huge and then walk to the city as well. When they arrived in the city, they were dead tired. 

The three came back from the forest and the Sima siblings were on the farm, nature tasking.

So as soon they saw the first restaurant, Kendra pointed at it. "I don't on w about you all, but I'm dead tired and hungry as hell. I pay."

The rest of them looked at her in wonder. "Huh?"

Kendra was too tired even to look surprised, so as soon she saw a free table she rushed there and sat down. As it was in the corner, her spirit animals found enough space and Draga literally fell asleep.

Taffy sighed. "She overate and today was quite a long trip. Then running here and there, she must be really tired."

Kendra patted Draga's head with a soft smile. "She should have told me. She could stay and sleep in my room. This cute fool." 

Taffy nodded. ''Yes. I actually told her, but she was worried about you. You just came and met so many strange things. And there is another reason she came. The competition. As she almost broke trough her first evolution she is quite interested are there other spirit animals like her.''

''Oh. I understand.'' While they waited for simple noodles to be done, Kendra looked around and saw many different people that had different auras surrounding them. ''Do people have different auras in different levels of power?''

They looked at her like they had no idea what she was talking about and so she just shut up. It seems only she could see it.

Taffy blinked at her and nodded. Her powers might be gone, but her basic skills that she earned with time can't be blocked. This is good as well. This skill will help her in the future. At least she is smart not to explain anymore. Telling them all about her powers might become dangerous, especially in such a crowd.

Kendra could somehow feel Taffy's approval and patted her. She was calmly lying on her lap and purring happily while watching the surroundings with her pink eyes. 

Actually Taffy had many basic powers as well. And one of the powers is similar to Kendra's, an only a bit stronger. She could say exactly who is which level only by looking at the person. 

As the noodles arrived a sudden argument could be heard nearby. Kendra tried to ignore it as she truly was too hungry, but when she heard a child crying she slammed a spoon on the table and stood up. 

Taffy tried to calm her down but saw her eyes suddenly having a red glow and knew it was too late.

Actually the argument was starting because one child knocked on a neighborhood chair by mistake in passing. While it knocked the table the man who was eating his meal spilled his food on his pearly white clothes and got upset about it.

That was reasonable as the child and its parents were at fault. They should have been more careful. 

But instead of saying sorry, they started arguing with the man, making Kendra hard to swallow as she knew what will happen. Not only did they not repent, but they also turned their story around that made the young man turn into a monster that is bullying children.

When she saw a few bullies going towards the young man she had it. First, they used a child to set that man up and now they want to even bully him? Such a disgusting plan was something she saw in the past world quite often as well and made her wanna beat them up.

''Look everyone, he is molesting a small child! By the rule of our city, the children abusers and molesters are given the highest punishment. Call the guards!'' the woman screeched and suddenly saw a cute girl in simple cultivators robe coming near. Somehow she had a bad feeling as she looked at the child, but calmed down as she saw a simple gray robe. Just a novice. Scared me to death.

But to her misfortune, there were three more novices and they looked as angry as the little girl in front of her. ''I know that head of your school was Grounding Master of this city, but it can't be that you use your power to bully me. A simple commoner?'' Attacking is the best defense.

Those words made the three behind to feel disgusted and anger rising but could see Kendra completely calmly looking at her. ''When did we? if we wanted to bully you, would we do that officially under the eyes of so many people. No. Do you think us cultivators are dumb or something? If you make one more wrongful accusation against our school members I will get really angry. then you will know what bullying is. Now move aside!''

''You can't tell me what can I do and what I can't. Do you know I am?'' The woman started getting red as she got angrier.

She saw Kendra just shrugging. ''I don't give a damn about it. I know only one thing, you are the one who is mistreating the child. Where are the City Guards?''

Her voice was quite calm but boomed through the crowd and soon a crowd started parting...

---This the original book by JennyS. Please support me by reading it at Webnovel.com. Thank you in advance :)---


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