Son of Death
1 Sin Upon Sin
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Son of Death
Author :XannyVoo
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1 Sin Upon Sin


Alexander: Shut up Shut up shut up

Demon 1: Learn your place

Demon 3: You will kill god

Alexander: Shut the fuck up

Demon 2: You curse at us?! you ignorant fool

the only reason we haven't slaughtered you

yet is because your father has connections

with our lord and saviour Satan and God


Alexander: I can kill you right now all of you!

Demon 1: go ahead

Alexander: I'm leaving

Alexander stood up in rage and murdered the demons in cold blood. He walked away and flew to the mortal world to visit his mother

because he has a complicated relationship

with his father.

he knocked on the door and his mother

opened the door

Alexander: Hi mum

Kate: Hi Alexander I didn't expect you came back So soon.

Alexander: Well I did, suprise.

Kate: So what do you need?

Alexander: Nothing just to say hi

Kate gasped in shock that there was blood on her sons clothes

Kate: Alexander tell me the truth is that your blood.

Alexander: No mum I got into a fight with some demons they where chatting shit

Kate: Mind your language

Alexander: Ok mum. anyway I got to go just came to say hi

Kate: Ok bye Alexander

Alexander: bye mum


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