Son of Death
2 Welcome to hell
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Son of Death
Author :XannyVoo
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2 Welcome to hell

When he flew back into hell he had to visit his godfather Satan he's always upset about the little things like he couldn't conquer a planet and when he burnt his finger on mercury

Alexander arrived and waltzed right past the guards he was like a god in hell he sat on a chair prepared for him and said what's up

Satan: Alexander it comes to my knowledge that you have killed 3 of my best demons. Your stronger than I thought

Alexander: Is that ment to be an insult?

Satan: Of course it is

Alexander: ...

Satan: Sarcasm my boy

Satan: You know i'm not as bad as they make me out to be i'm just a fallen angle who's lost his place sure i'm a destroyer and creator of all things evil but apart from that im just a regular Joe with red skin

Alexander: Ok I really have to run now
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Satan: go ahead

Alexander checked out some of the local businesses to see how food tastes in hell who knew it tasted so good better than the food in heaven and earth to put it that way.


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