Son of Death
3 Bad
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Son of Death
Author :XannyVoo
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3 Bad

After Alexander finished checking out hell he had to go to school he had already missed 1 class so he jumped through a portal "quicker than flying" he said

A few older kids where walking by (who where bullies) saw Alexander walking and took this as an opportunity to bully him.

Jamie: What's up you emo bitch

Alexander: Same here

Jamie: Don't back chat me

Alexander: I'm not just being honest about your looks

Tyler: Shut it Alexander

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Alexander: Whatever

the students were not yet aware that Alexander who killed on any minute now

Alexander walked in to English class and Mr Jiho said "your late!" Alexander quickly responded "shut up you fat ass"

Whole class: DAMNNN

After class was over he didn't get detention because he was put down as a problematic student

Alexander had a step sister but he hated her guts so they never really got into conversation because she was scared straight of how strong he is and he has a personal relationships with demons and Satan so they weren't that close.


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