Son of Death
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Son of Death
Author :XannyVoo
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5 Fire lit up

@@Alexander was so pissed off every little thing makes him pissed off like Satan but worse he took his anger out on the things that happened ages ago he teleported into the human world. He landed on a tree and jumped off and look who he saw Jamie instantly the words that he said to him earlier started to echo through his head *depressed cunt* Alexander instantly punched Jamie. James e went for a kick in the face Alexander caught it with his hands and made him fall Jamie's gang jumped in a taxi and sped off it was only Jamie and Alexander. Alexander kicked Jamie in the nose breaking it and banged his head on the tree he jumped off he pulled out a pocket knife he uses for his mums picnics and stabbed Jamie repeatedly in the stomach by then a crowd started to form and a police officer tried to detain Alexander but he took the taser and kicked him im the balls but not without swiping his gun he then electrocuted Jamie with the taser and shot him 3 times in the head before leaving him for dead a whole he was about to run when a swat team tased him and took him into custody for first degree murder...



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