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That Time When God Made a Mistake
Author :HoLiFuk
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1 Prologue

It was a normal day and God was doing one of his endless work; managing the cycle of life and distributing talent for the newborn babies.

He was sitting in his table, sorting the talent for Baby 123456789. Baby A would have 9 Strength, 8 Constitution, 8 Agility, 7 Dexterity, 8 Intelligence, 8 Wisdom, 12 Charisma, and 9 Willpower if Baby 123456789 worked hard in his life.

"Hm..." God rubbed his grey beard, thinking about what kind of talent he should give to Baby 123456789.

With 12 Charisma, the talents that were available for Baby 123456789 were: Persuasion, Acting, Empathic Conversion, or Lesser Mind Control. If the realm he that he managed wasn't Earth, he would just give all of those talents to Baby 123456789 and moved to Baby 123456790. But this was Earth. A realm without Magic, therefore, he should carefully choose what kind of talent Baby A should receive and what not.

Of course, God gave baby 123456789 the talent of persuasion and talent of acting. To save some space, he compressed talent of Empathic Conversion and Lesser Mind Control in a form of a card and threw it to the box of banned talent, that was sitting just right at the corner of his desk.

That was when he realized the box of banned talent for today was already full.

God could've just snapped his finger and the box would instantly be disposed of. But because it had been one hundred years since God had stretched his back, he stood up, stretched his back, grabbed the box and planned to manually destroy the box.

Though, after one hundred years sitting in his chair, even a God just like himself would forget how to walk, and he comically fell as if he just stepped on a banana skin.

The box was thrown into the air and one million banned talent were falling... into Earth.

"...I'm so dead... Wait... I'm immortal."


Saku Kurata was riding his bicycle to school, spinning the pedal with all of his might, when a card at the size of adult hand fell from the sky and covered his eyes.

"What the-?!"

Kurata used his right hand to take the card away, but the moment his vision had become clear, he had strayed away to the main street.

It was about that time that Kurata was crashing at the car that was stopping in front of a traffic light, sending him soaring to the sky. Luckily, there was only one car and no other car coming from the other sides... And Kurata gracefully did mid-air somersault and landed with a spiderm*n-esque posture.

Standing up, Kurata patted his whole body to check whether or not he had sustained any type of injury.

There was none.

He shook his head and scanned his surrounding several times, then gasped in a realization.

"Did you see that? Oi! Did you see how I land?!" Kurata happily and nonchalantly asked the car owner.

To Kurata, that was one in a lifetime feat that he could brag to his friend and future grandchildren... but the car owner opened the door and walked toward Yu with throbbing veins.

"Ah... shit."

Kurata found himself in a rather peculiar situation. He knew it was his own fault for strayed to the main road and crashed but still... As the cold sweat fell from his forehead, Kurata leaned his body and peeked that his bike had disfigured the car's rear bumper.

His brain instantly formulated the repair cost that he had to pay... comparing that with the cost for sacrificing his rusty bicycle. It took less than one second for Kurata to come into a decision and immediately sprint away, leaving his broken bicycle behind.

"I'm soo sooo sorry about your car!" Kurata shouted, hoping at the very least the car owner would forgive him.

He did not.

The car owner furiously chasing after him, spitting out several curses word from his mouth.

Luckily, or weirdly, Kurata was running as if his legs were created to run just like a cheetah and it didn't take long for Kurata to escape from the car owner's fury.

By the time he had made it to his school, he was sure if his life was a Role Playing Video Game his stamina would be at 1, and the thought of continuing to move for even a second longer made his vision go white.

While catching his breath, he couldn't help but wonder what was happening to his body.

After he felt a little bit refreshed, Kurata walked to the vending machine to buy some drink and when he reached into his pocket for some coin, that was when he realized the grey card in his hand.

Kurata blankly stared at a grey coloured card with shining white coloured gem at the bottom centre. But he just tilted his head and raised his eyebrow when he read the content.

[Talent Name: Cat's Movement.

Level: 1

Owner(Owner's Status): Saku Kurata (Str: 4 Con: 4 Agi: 4 [8] Dex: 4 [8] Int: 4 Wis: 4 Cha: 4 Wil: 2)

Limit(Recovery rate): Passive (None)


The owner of this talent becomes more graceful, agile, and coordinated. The owner steps (if he chooses to) won't create any sound when he walks at his normal speed. This talent grants a +4 bonus to Agility and Dexterity.]

He found it weird that his name was printed on that card, but... if he ignored that and just assumed what was written in this card was true, then it kinda explained what was going on.

Thanks to this card, he managed to survive the crash without sustaining any injury and easily running away from the car's owner.

Then again, the only reason he got involved with all of that mess was because this card covered his sight.

Shaking his head, he put that thought to the side. No use lamenting over it now. Instead, he considered what to choose for his drink. He was torn between something cold, like orange juice or energy drink, and something warm like coffee or tea.


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