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That Time When God Made a Mistake
Author :HoLiFuk
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2 Chapter 1

"What should I do?!"

Earth's God was contacting a blue haired goddess from another realm that was more accustomed to magic, as soon as he recognised the mess he'd just done.

"Well... It's fine, right? I mean, most of the people that I took from Earth seemed pretty familiar with a concept of Magic."

"Is that so?" Earth's God breathed a sigh of relief, before his eyes widened when he realized the revelation. "Wait! What do you mean by "people that I took from Earth"?!!!"

"Ah! That's...." The goddess rolled her eyes to the side as cold sweat fell from her forehead. "Aaaah!! A demon king has just born in my realm! Gotta go and help the heroes! Bye!"


Saku Kurata always thought that nothing was worse than finding out his parent forced him to go to USA because they were afraid that their children would become a victim of mysterious classroom disappearances.

But Saku Kurata just stood frozen, a cringing expression on his face when he realized that the owner of the car that he just hit with his rusty bike was going to the same school as him.

if somebody said he was just your average, ordinary sixteen years old, without any fighting experience....

They were right.

A fist, at the end of a right hook, came into his sight and punched Kurata. His head snapped back and bounced forward, his eyes rolled. His glasses were dangling from one ear. His messy black hair was... still messy.

He didn't want anyone to start the first day of his high school like this, but he gotta go through some ritual of humiliation first.

Another fist came into his sight, this one a left cross. It crunched into Kurata's nose and he crumpled to the locker door.

"You better pay me up, right now!"

The other students quickly formed around them. Cheering and gasping with every punches the car owner, Thomas Kent, a good looking senior and a captain of a football team with a body of a twenty-five-year-old landed on Kurata.

"Er... do you take Yen?" Said Kurata as he wobbly stood and wiped the blood away from his nose.

The other students tried to hold their laugh when he heard Kurata, even though Kurata was dead serious when he said that. It was too bad that his answer enraged Thomas even more.

So yeah... On his first day of school in another country, without even had the chance to take a seat or lesson... His first memory of his sweet high school life was that a jock pounding the crap out of him.


As Thomas launched a punch toward Kurata's ribs. With lightning quick reflex, he darted to the side, a split-second ahead of Thomas Kent's thrown punch, which banged into the locker where Kurata was standing.

Since the very first beginning, thanks to Cat's Movement and the increase in his Agi and Dex, Kurata was sure he could easily avoid Thomas' punch. The only reason he took the beating was because he thought he kinda deserved it.

"What the?!"

Puzzled by Kurata's movement. Thomas threw two more punches, but again, Kurata ducked them- and fast.

"Er... Can we just talk about this thing peacefully?"

Thomas answered Kurata with a roar and lunged at him. Kurata ducked one, two, three, four punches, never even having to move his feet, just darting his torso around so fast he created a motion blur. (Or that was he believed)

While Kurata was avoiding Thomas' punches, he even still had the time to think.

(Shouldn't this be the right time for me to say: 'please, I don't want any trouble') He thought as he avoided more punches (... yeah, just like every Asian dude in kung-fu flicks.)

Not to mention by saying that, Kurata felt his badass-ness would increase by another level.

Though, when Kurata snapped back to reality just in time to avoid another punch that was directed to his face, he reflexively grabbed Thomas' arm.

(This posture?!)

Their position reminded Kurata with one of the Aikido moves he saw on Television, the one where the practitioner could easily slam the other guy that twice the size of his body.

Circling his arms against Thomas', Kurata was trying to throw him but...


"The fuck are you doing?"

Thomas stared at Kurata with a dumbfounded expression.

Even though Kurata had groaned as if he had very bad constipation for two weeks and had flexed his muscles... It was still impossible for a teen, with an average build in Asian standard to throw captain of a football team.


As Kurata rotated the gear on his brain while trying to search for a reason for his action ... Thomas grabbed his arm and with a nasty smile, he said "Can't run away again, eh?"

"I... guess so?"

There was only one sentence that could describe what was going on to Kurata... It was as if he entered a phone booth with Taz the Tasmanian devil.

At least if Kurata looked at the bright side from this incident, his 'Cat's Movement' Talent had increased to level 2.


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