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That Time When God Made a Mistake
Author :HoLiFuk
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3 Chapter 2

It was a lunch break and Saku Kurata was sitting alone on the bench at the school ground.

Today was the first day he went to school, so he didn't expect he would immediately have some friends, but...

The other students only whispering and watching him from a distance, no one dared to start talking to Kurata.

Yes, that was normal or rather, it was standard. Because he never got the chance to interact with kids from his class, he didn't think one of them would suddenly start acting friendly like "Hey, I'm A, and this is B. Why don't we eat together and become bff?"

Not to mention his black and blue face wasn't helping much either, that and the fact Thomas from the football team was glaring at him from the distance.

"*Sigh* This sucks..."

Kurata was lamenting the fact that his break was filled by him playing social networking games. Sure, they were fun, but what he was looking for was something that would really let him enjoy his youth.

Though, the instant Kurata had stopped expecting some form of any events...

"Do you watch anime?"

An African American guy, tall and thin with close-cropped hair sat in front of Kurata and suddenly asked that question without even introduced himself.

"Ah, yes? No, I mean, I don't watch them."

"I see."

And he left.

"...What the hell?"

Kurata sat there for a moment, trying to think how he should react to him, or if he should react at all. Did he mess up? Should he have tried to say more?

At the end of the day, the overall score, excluding the teacher, the total amount of people who talked to Kurata was... SIX.

A jittery senior asked what happened and Kurata coldly answered nothing much, while the other five asked whether or not he watched anime.

If he answered "No" they'll just leave. One of them even said he was a fake Japanese for not watching them.

If he answered "Yes" (he did, in fact, watched some, but only the mainstream one such as N*ruto, or On* Pi*ce) they'll rain him with thousand questions such as his favourite voice actress, or trivia about some anime that he never watched. If he couldn't answer them, they'll grumble that he was a fake otaku


"Where is he?"

"Do you know some Asian kid with glasses?"

Thomas, looking very annoyed and his 3 lackeys had been waiting in front of his broken car.

Kurata just... couldn't understand them. IF he didn't have the money this morning, what would make them think he would've gotten the money this afternoon?

"...What should I do?"

Kurata hesitated. He could continue to move slowly, trying his best to remain quiet, or he could simply dash in, and then leave. But because he knew only one path and didn't see any coverage in the area, just a few scattered all over the place, he chose the traditional running route.

After taking a deep breath, Kurata bolted down the paving like an Olympic champion at the start gun.

"Oi! That's him!" Shouted Thomas.

They tried to chase after Kurata, but as soon as Kurata heard them, he quickened his pace to an all-out sprint. With only the slightest of effort, he out ran the rest of the gang, barely breaking a sweat and not panting in the least.

Three minutes later...

Being chased was nothing like the movies. The stars look heroic, sexy and in command of the situation. The reality was far removed from that pretty version of running to save your skin.

Kurata wheezed as his burning lungs gasped for air. His legs felt numb and unsteady, painfully sore. His throat felt dry, so uncomfortably dry. Neck long curly-black hair clung to his form, no different that if he ran through a rain-storm.

Level 2 Cat's Movement was giving him a +5 bonus in Dexterity and Agility. Adding that with his original Dexterity and Agility, right now Kurata had 9 Dex and Agi, and maybe just a little bit slower than the fastest human alive. Although... with 4 Strength and 4 Constitution, his stamina was still the same as a normal teenager that didn't do sports.

Unable to go on, Kurata stopped running while gasping for air. He leaned against the tree. He readied to vomit his lunch... (which was egg-mayo sandwich by the way) out from his stomach as he surrendered to his fate.

It didn't take long before Thomas and his gang arrived and circled him.

"Just," Kurata stopped talking for a while, trying to control his ragged breath before he continued his words. "Not in the face.... Please?"

Completely ignoring Kurata, Thomas did his usual roaring thing. He hurled his fist right at Kurata's face. Kurata's slightly narrow black eyes widened. He remembered Thomas could hit like a truck, and at the last second, with the last point of his stamina, he darted his body to the side.

Thomas' punch passed over him. When his punch reached the tree, it had enough power to shake the tree and make the leaves to fall down.

Amongst the green leaves, unknowingly to them. There was another talent card, that slowly descended down and fell right on top of Kurata's head.

But for what kind of talent Kurata would get, that was the story of another day as right now, he was too busy getting kicked in his ass... Literarily.


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