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That Time When God Made a Mistake
Author :HoLiFuk
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4 Chapter 3

Grimacing, Kurata faced the truth. He knew he shouldn't be doing this and he hesitated, but...

"I guess... this is the only way." He said while he looked to the newest talent card.

[Talent Name: Merciless Flick.

Level: 1

Owner(Owner's Status): Saku Kurata (Str: 4 Con: 4 Agi: 4 [9] Dex: 4 [9] Int: 4 Wis: 4 Cha: 4 Wil: 2)

Limit(Recovery rate): 10/10 (1 per hour.)


After shouting "Merciless Flick," The next time you flick with your finger, it will inflict 3 x Str damage on the target.]

With a sigh, Kurata pressed the tip of his middle finger against the pad of his thumb, and although feeling silly, he still shouted "Merciless Flick!" Just as if his life depended on it.

Something inside of Kurata moved, something that he hadn't had before, and hadn't noticed because it never had been there before, rising and rushing to his finger. Surprised, Kurata looked down towards his finger, where the source of warm and vibrant feeling was coming from, filling his finger with destructive golden-ish energy. When his flick reached the piggy bank, it shattered to pieces as if he had thrown it from the second floor.


"Ouch, ouch, ouch!!!"

Yelping in pain, Kurata glared at his right middle finger, chiding himself for his idiocy. The nail on the finger that he used to destroy his piggy bank was torn in half. If he knew the result would be like this, he would've chosen the conventional way of destroying your piggy bank by throwing it to the wall.

After making a mental note to not using Merciless Flick again, Kurata turned his attention to the scattered money on the table.

While blowing his finger to reduce the pain, Kurata counted the money and separated them one by one. All in all, the cost of repairing Thomas' car was 1,200$ while the amount of money Kurata had was 136,800... Yen.

At first, he planned to use that money to buy a new PC, not to pay to repair someone else car (although it was his own fault) but then Kurata immediately shook his head to throw such a thought away. He silently grabbed the money, put it into a plastic bag, and immediately went to the nearest Currency Exchange Store before he had a change in his heart.

But Kurata quickly stumbled upon a problem. Originally, he had just planned to happily ride a bus to the nearest Currency Exchange Store. He had even waited for the bus for twenty minutes or so... Until he realized he only brought Yen with him.

Gritting his teeth, Kurata didn't have another choice but to run. But this time, rather than running with all his might, Kurata just jogging to the Currency Exchange Store.

After some time, Kurata stopped, sweating lightly from the constant exertion. He supposed an hour had passed, but he finally arrived at the Currency Exchange Store, only for him to face the truth.

Kurata frowned. Before he was on his way, the value of 136,800 Yen was equal to 1221$, but now the exchange rate had changed and the value of his money was only 1201$

To make it worse, his stomach rumbled unpleasantly. Even though he had spotted dozen of food stands surrounding him. But with only one dollar...

"Am I cursed or what?" Kurata muttered, his shoulder slouched down. But then he snapped back to the moment, if he had the time and energy to grieving about his luck, he rather used them to hastily went back to his house and eat the dinner.

And so he did...

While imagining the warm curry of his mother cooking, Kurata hastily took the shortcut through the quiet alley between two building, only for him to see two adults in a garbage collector uniform, perfectly sitting up next to the dumpster with a badly bruised face, Kurata could see their teeth scattered around the ground.

"Er... 110 no, 911, right?"

Around the time Kurata took out his phone to call 911, was when he realized he was being watched.

A small, rat-like humanoid stood between three feet in height with a long snout fell from the top, coming straight at Kurata while squeaking, showing him a mouthful of bad teeth.


At the last second, Kurata leapt backwards, straight up into the wall. The rat-like humanoid missed him, but it landed neatly on one of the garbage collector's face. More teeth flying out from his mouth.

Kurata now clearly saw its white hair poked from beneath a ragged cap, its feet was a solid mass of stones. No matter how Kurata looked at it, it clearly screamed something that was not came from this world.

There was stillness on both sides, then a sudden movement. The rat-like humanoid attempted to do a flying side kick, to crush Kurata to the wall, but he was too quick for that. He tucked his knees and jumped, five feet up.

A dull blunt sound was created when the rat-like humanoid's kick made a contact with the wall, making a big crack and chipped the outer part.

When Kurata saw that, the thought of losing all of his teeth and had to eat porridge or soup started to appear on his mind.

With a weird determination of some sort, while still in the air Kurata rotated his body upside down and shouted. "Merciless Flick!"

At first Kurata aimed for the back of the rat-like humanoid neck, but at the same time when he realeased his flick, the rat-like humanoid turn around, its long snout accidentally made a contact with Kurata's flick.

The blow lifted the rat-like humanoid right off its feet and sent it sailing into the wall, which cracked. Though, the cost of that feat was Kurata's right index fingernail now had shattered to pieces, blood was oozing out from it.

Kurata tried to not to shout but quickly realized how futile it was when he had to bite his lip to keep from crying out. He always thought the worse pain, worsen than getting punched in the face by Thomas was when his toe smacked against the door, but oh boy, how much he wrong about that.

As Kurata's face closed in a grimace, blowing his finger to lessen the pain. A talent card flew straight from the rat-like humanoid's body out of nowhere and came right to Kurata's face.

Groaned in annoyance, he moved the card from his face and read the content.

[Talent Name: Stone Feet.

Level: 1

Owner(Owner's Status): Saku Kurata (Str: 4 Con: 4 Agi: 4 [9] Dex: 4 [9] Int: 4 Wis: 4 Cha: 4 Wil: 2)

Limit(Recovery rate): 10/10 (1 per hour.)


After shouting "Stone Feet," Your feet transmute into menacing, rocky lumps capable of inflicting deadly wounds. Your weight is increased by 6kg per 1kg of foot, but it doesn't impede your movement. Duration: 1 minute. Can be cancelled at any time.]

He assumed it was great that he got another card, but...

"What happened?" Said passerby one.

Maybe it was the loud noise that the rat-like humanoid and Kurata made, but the crowd started gathering on the alley.

"What are you doing?!" Said passerby two. "How dare you knock them up like that, boy!"

"What-?! No, I just passing through." Said Kurata in a self defence. The figure of rat-like humanoid was nowhere to be seen, but Kurata in fact, could see a rat knocked out of cold on the ground.

"Wait! That kid has blood in his hand!" Said passerby three. He was looking at Kurata with a face full of suspicion and horror."

"This is my own blood!! And it's only on my finger!!!"

"You better explain have a good explanation for this." Said passerby four.

Before Kurata knew it, he already got dragged by the crowd... to the police station.


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