The Empress is Dead
2 Chapter 2 Catching A Gold Mine
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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2 Chapter 2 Catching A Gold Mine

It took them more than an hour to completely annihilate all the ravaged mountain rabbits. There are approximately two hundred corpses loitering around them. Xulian picked-up one and examine it thoroughly.

"As expected this is not a simple case of rabies. They were fed with herbs that could make them aggressive. But base on their reaction, it wasn't the one than could be found around the area. These herbs are cultured one since it was artificially cultivated to have double effects than the normal one." Xulian seriously concluded.

"Boss, you mean this is man-made incident" said one of the girls who is also interested in medicine, so she is considered as xulian's disciple although she is only two years younger.

"Exactly. Select the ones that can still be considered intact. Clean it thoroughly but remove the head first then they could still be edible. When the meat is dark throw it away. Then bring them home so we can grill them later." The youths have sparkle in their eyes when they heard the could have rabbit meat for dinner later and they started working with the rabbits.

"Those with the age of fourteen and up follow me. We'll search for calming herbs and flower to plant around the school and make satchels. They may not be able to cure the ravaged beast but at least it could help them calm down when they are around us. I will develop antidote for it later. It would be a pity if all the beast will turn savage and kill each other." Xulian lead the group of older ones deeper in the mountain to search for the herbs.

"Boss I think it is the work of those Beast Mountain Sect bastards. Acting like a tyrant and owning the whole mountain but they are cowards than wouldn't even go deeper the mountain past our place. They've been trying to kick us out the mountain like they own it. Now they resulted in these underhanded means." Said one of the males that is considered smartest among them second only to Xulian.

"Yes boss! I think so too! Why don't we infiltrate them and raze their sect to the ground?! I really want to pound them to meat sauce right now!" said one of the males who is considered by everyone as a muscle head. He is only fifteen but he is abnormally buff for his age. He said it is because he loved eating meat.

"Don't be rash. If anything happens to their sect, we are the first suspect. We can't move by impulse." Xulian calmly said.

"Are we just going to let this pass and forget about this grievance? Boss, we had few injured ones and they are mostly little children. We are only blessed that we have Madame Lin to treat them in time." Said one of the females with strong sense of justice. She was considered as the motherly figure of the younger students since she loves children despite being an only child.

"Who said we will just forget about this? The quantity of the poison that I'm currently developing is not yet enough to finished all the members of their beast mountain sect. It will slowly kill them silently and one by one. It is colorless and odorless. I just need to put it in their water source and they would slowly die and it would be a very painful and horrifying one. Ehehehehe" Xulian creepily laughed that caused her companions to have their spine feel cold and their skin to crawl with goosebumps.

This side of their boss is the most horrifying one when she is planning mischief and revenge. Don't be fooled since she looked like an angel, with her compassionate eyes, gentle looking smile, and a body and skin that is comparable to the noble ladies in the capital. She is considered a gorgeous beauty.

But her subordinates knew better than trust her appearance. Their boss is the cruelest and blood thirty once she is provoked. And her bottom line is her family and the school and its students. And this beast mountain sect obviously stepped on that bottom line.

While they are keeping their attention to the ground searching for calming herbs and flowers, they heard clashing of metals and swords drawing near them. They are momentarily scared since they are still quite tire from fighting with hundreds of rabbits. But they regained their composure. They are from Lin Martial Arts School. They are cultivated to fight and protect, thus they proceed to their fighting stance and observed the source of the sound of fighting.

Their eyes widened the next moment because there is a big black object shooting to their direction in rapid pace! And it is going to the direction of their boss Xulian. They were petrified for a moment thus they didn't manage to evade the object, thus they positioned themselves behind their boss to at least brace the impact.

When they directed their gaze to the "object" they were stunned because it wasn't an object but a person drenched in blood that you can't make out his appearance.

Among all of them Xulian is the most stunned since she was the one who caught the person. The next moment her eyes glittered and her face bloomed in an enchanting smile. All her companion was bewildered.

'Did boss experienced love at first sight?' they thought to themselves.

But Xulian wasn't looking at the man's face at all. Black robe with golden thread embroidery, exquisite jade pendants around his waist and most of all his jade hairpin with golden dragon engraved on the end. His appearance reeked of money! If her companion knew what she's thinking they would probably spit blood.

'I've caught a gold mine!'


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