The Empress is Dead
3 Chapter 3 Saving the Gold Mine
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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3 Chapter 3 Saving the Gold Mine

While they are stunned by the person who suddenly land on their boss' arms, several black clothed men charged towards them. Some are even injured yet their posture is still rigid and there is no doubt that they could still fight. There is about five of them, all grown up.

One of the black clothed man who charged ahead, whom they assumed is the leader, was momentarily startled by the number of people in front of them. There are about fifteen of them in Xulian's group. But seeing that they are only youth in their early teens, the black clothed men relaxed and released their sinister aura innate to an assassin to intimidate them.

Seeing that the man in one of the youth's embrace seemed to have lost consciousness the leader of the assassin's confidence boost and said, "Kids you better stay where you are and let us kill you right here. You could only blame your luck for being in a wrong place at the wrong time."

"Hah! Why would we do that?! They said I am the most stupid in our school but I finally found someone more stupid than me. You really opened my eyes!" Muscle head sneered at the assassin's leader.

Xulian's group twitched their mouth in muscle head's statement. While the assassin's face darkened. They have never seen someone admitted that they are stupid. This is probably the first and last time.

Xulian lower her eyes towards the man in her arms and subtly placed her fingers in his pulse. Seconds later her eyes narrowed in realization. His wounds are superficial but many so he is prone to blood loss. But she is alarmed that he is poisoned. Considering the amount of poison in his body, it is a miracle that he is still alive but if he is not attended right away it would be too late. "I would not let my gold mine to die. I still have to extort a large amount from him. We better sort this out faster".

She pressed several acupuncture points in his body to stop the blood flow and also to decrease the speed of the poison spreading in his body. Luckily it still didn't reach his heart. She handed him to one of her female companion and positioned in her fighting stance.

"Draw your weapons! Be careful with their blades, they are poisoned!" The youths heart trembled with Xulian's statement. They have to be careful not to be inflicted with any injury again in this fight.

The assassins were startled by her words and narrowed their eyes. They didn't expect that one of them realized that their weapons are poisoned. But they regained their composure in no time. They are only a bunch of kids. What can they do. They have been trained to kill since young and their experience in fights are comparable to these children's age. Even their number failed to intimidate them. Knowing this, they visibly relaxed.

But the next moment the hearts of the assassins trembled because of the Martial Arts than these children is using. They obviously use different weapons but they could coordinate well with each other. It feels like fighting one person with excellent strength and ability. They cannot attack at all and could just focus on defending. And they suddenly hit with realization that caused their blood turn cold and fear sprout in their very being. This skill set and precise coordination, they are without a doubt the mark of Lin Mercenary Clan.

These clan of mercenaries are famous in the entire continent since they exist for more than a century. They were created since the beginning of the current dynasty. They only separated from the imperial power after the first emperor died since they only acknowledged him as their master. From then on they started doing mercenary jobs but never assassination jobs. That is why aside from the assassin guilds, they are the top power in the world of martial arts. But even though they are currently decreasing in number, their strength is still at the top.

Right now they are experiencing the strength of this top power. They can't help but acknowledge it knowing that they are facing the 'little ones'. They can only imagine the strength of the full pledge mercenaries of the clan.

Realizing that they are at the disadvantaged side, they tried to escape even though as an assassin it is against their code of ethics. But unfortunately for them, they are currently facing the young miss of the clan known to be the 'Boss'. She won't let them escape and bring possible trouble in the future and give them the chance to call some reinforcement.

"We need to finish it now. We don't have much time!" Xulian commanded in her authoritative voice.

"Yes Boss!"

Their move became more aggressive and their strength increased in adrenaline rush. Moments later those five assassin are laying lifeless in the ground becoming a fertilizer for the mountain's flora.

"Bring the man back! He doesn't have much time."

Xulian checked his pulse again to make sure he can still be saved, then rushed back at the school in the fastest way possible.


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