The Empress is Dead
4 Chapter 4 Red
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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4 Chapter 4 Red

When Feng Jun Yi opened his eyes, the first thing he saw is red. Specifically a woman in red robe. She has her back facing him and is sitting in front of a desk scribbling while muttering incoherent words. All he could manage to pick up is the word "gold", "extort", "doubled or tripled" and some creepy laugh. But seeing this he felt relaxed although he knows that this woman is a stranger. Specially that shade of red. It is the same color as her empress mother wore every day. Although this one was considered shabby and plain since it doesn't have any embroidery at all.

Looking around the room he is currently in, he discovered that he is in a humble residence, if you put it nicely. Single average sized bed only enough for one person to comfortably lie down, a double doored closet with one door open so he could see that it contains all white robes the same as he's currently wearing, a desk a chair that the woman is currently using and the only large furniture in the room a sideboard that almost occupy one side of the wall. The sideboard contains some porcelain bottles, herbs, bandages and other medical use. Right then he realized that he is a clinic or the place is a residence of a physician.

Sensing some movements behind her, Xiulan looked towards her gold mine, *cough *cough, I mean the man she saved. Realizing he's already awake she beamed her most beautiful smile and approach him. He was about to say something, but his throat is too dry to utter a single sound. "Don't talk. Drink this medicine first." She handed him a bowl of greenish concoction and drink it in one gulp. He frowned after and scolded himself for not raising his guard against this woman in front of him. He doesn't know if it is because she saved and treated him or that eyes and smile that's full of compassion.

The woman in front of him although she doesn't wear any make-up, have a jade like white and smooth skin, cherry colored lips, long curved eye lashes and high pointed nose. She is definitely a very definition of the word gorgeous. And on top of it, that peach blossom eyes that looks compassionate would make you feel like you've been looked at by an angel. His heart stirred slightly but he rule out the idea of love. Being an emperor, love is not needed and a show of weakness.

"You've just regained your consciousness for an entire week. It is not counted as rest at all so this medicine can replace the nutrition you lacked for not eating. You should sleep a bit more then we can settle your bills." Xulian said with a glittering eyes. He swore he could see gold in them that made the corner of his mouth twitch. 'So that's what she means about extort'. Few minutes later he could feel drowsiness and fell to slumber.

On the other hand, Xulian observed the man's appearance. Even without uttering a word, she could tell he has a cold temperament. Similar to her brother Huang when he's facing his subordinates. He also emits an intimidating aura that ooze with authority. He is also handsome, but not as handsome as her brother (she's quite bias here). Sharp facial features, long lashes that still look masculine, heart shaped plump lips, high masculine nose and wheat colored jade like skin. He is also tall and surprisingly muscular body without clothes (she stripped him while undergoing treatment) even though he looked slim when clothed. Many women would drool with this kind of view. But unfortunately for him she has an outstanding brother so this doesn't affect her.

After making sure that he is in deep sleep, she returns in her desk and recalculate her extor…*cough *cough, his bills. He seems smart so she needs to adjust it so he won't realize.


Outside the room, Master and Madame Lin are both anxious. Their daughter has been staying together with the man ever since they took him back. They keep having a bad feeling, especially Master Lin. He can't help but feel that their daughter is about to be stolen. The female students have a dreamy expression thinking about the man inside the room. They never thought they could meet a handsome man comparable to their young master Huang.

"Do you think boss fell in love with that man?" said one of the girls while imagining romantic setting between the man and their boss.

"Probably. Did you see her eyes when she first looked at the man that day? I swear I saw the night sky full of stars in the summer there!" said another girl who was together with them when they saved the man.

They've been talking and having a dreamy expression that they fail to see the darkened and cold face of the males around them. For them they thought 'boss belong to everyone and should not be owned by one'. Even if their boss fell in love, she should choose their big brother Rui, the mercenary group second in command. That way their boss will stay and never married off outside.

But Madame Lin have a different thought. When he saw that man she could not help but feel alarmed. He is definitely not simple. She is worried about her daughter that she might fall for that man. Her instinct tells her she should do something about it and warn her daughter.


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