The Empress is Dead
5 Chapter 5 Gold and Red Fireworks
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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5 Chapter 5 Gold and Red Fireworks

When Feng Jun Yi finally woke up again, it is already early morning the next day. And the first thing he sees is the woman who saved him holding a rolled up paper beaming towards him. For him this is the first time he was being stared this way. Usually no one dared to look at him directly. If ever he is being stared at, especially women, he could always sense their obsessive and possessive desires. No one can blame them though, he is a man with both power and looks. But this woman's stare doesn't give him any idea what she wants exactly. But he can't detect any ill intent in those eyes.

"You're awake. Here, have some tea to soothe your throat. The food is not yet ready so just bear with it a little more." Even her voice never fails to calm his heart and help him relax.

"Thank you." The first time Xulian heard his deep, magnetic voice she felt like she's been electrocuted. 'Do I have a voice fetish. That's creepy'.

After he finished his tea, Xulian handed him the rolled up paper she's holding. "When we found you, you have severe blood loss and also poisoned. I had to literally fight with King Yama to bring you back and it is a very arduous one. I also appreciate a thank you but as you can see this is a pretty run down place and every herbs and medicine is hard to obtain and of course cost money. I've listed everything there and calculated it accurately."

She waited for a while for the man's reply. He is reading her list. But after a few minutes of reading, the man didn't utter a word that she's starting to worry. 'Did he realize something? Is my scheme that easy to figure out? What should I do? What if he refuses to pay? I don't mind coercing him by force but that would be too low.' Xulian is starting to have a cold sweat in her back and her palms turn sweaty. Her smile also started to stiffen and look unnatural. 'Or what if he doesn't have any money to pay? Should I suggest that his accessories and jade pendants can cover for it. They look precious anyway.'

Almost half an hour later, he finally opened his mouth. "Can Zhen get Zhen's belongings?".

'Zhen? Is that his name?'. "Yes! Sure. I'll get it. Just wait a moment." She then went outside to go to her room to get his belongings. She kept them after cleaning the blood all over them.


When she exited the room, the crowd outside flocked around her.

"Boss is the man awake?" "Boss, is his voice nice?" "Boss what's the color of his eyes and how does it looks like?" "Boss did you experience a romantic atmosphere?" "Boss, what's his name?" All the girls rained her with questions that she does and doesn't comprehend at the same time. They all have a dreamy expression that she doesn't understand.

"Yes, he is awake. Have a nice voice. Phoenix eyes with onyx color. What romantic atmosphere? I have no idea. Oh! And he's calling himself Zhen so maybe that's his name. I need to get his things so make way." Xulian answer in a deadpan expression but the ladies are squealing uncontrollably. They were too engrossed with their conversation that they fail to see Master and Madame Lin's reaction to her last statement. 'Zhen?! Is it what they think it is? We better confirm this later.'


When she returned to the room, she's carrying a box containing his belongings and handed them to him. "Your robe is not there since it was too damaged and beyond repair. We have enough spare robes though it doesn't look as fancy." She said full of smiles, but inside her head she's saying 'Don't bother with that robe. Give it to us. Even if it doesn't cost that much but those golden threads is still worth some money.'

He took a firework with golden thread from his things and pass it to Xulian. "Set this firework up for Zhen. This will let my subordinates know where I am." Xulian received the firework and is hit with a realization. 'Oh! So it's not that he doesn't have money. It seems like his money is handled by someone else!'. Knowing this she regained her vigor and receive his order enthusiastically. But she didn't manage to get past the door when she was stopped. "Wait. Set this one up too". He handed her another firework, but this time it has a red thread. She happily went off to do her task.

She gave the fireworks to one of the males and relay the instructions. They waited until night time for convenience. He climbed on the roof of the highest building of the school, which is only three floors. It is the main residence of the Lin family and also located in the highest ground in the premises. He set the firework with the golden thread first. It shoots high towards the sky bloomed with a golden light that is so huge they bet it can be seen even miles away. Then next is the firework with the red thread. It is the same as the previous one but with a fiery red color. Seeing this, Xulian's eyes glittered, she loves the color red after all.

And that ends the day for them. All they need to do for now is wait. But Feng Jun Yi's thoughts is pre occupied with his plans when he comes back. He just ascended to the throne more than a month ago and this assassination attempt is definitely connected to it. 'I guess I have to clean up the court and forget familial feelings this time. They were the ones who started it, I'll give them a hand in ending this game.'


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