The Empress is Dead
6 Chapter 6 Pillar of the Empire
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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6 Chapter 6 Pillar of the Empire

Early the next morning, Master and Madame Lin requested to have a talk with Feng Jun Yi. They didn't allow Xulian to stay in the room. If possible they wish for their daughter to continue be oblivious about the matters outside the mountain even just for a few more years. When a student is in the age of eighteen they could either go back to their home and make a living on their own using the learnings they get from the school or stay and be a member of Lin Mercenary Clan. The number of soldiers and imperial guards from the school is not little. It even produced a general during the time of Xulian's grandfather. But the strongest ones choose to be a member of Lin Mercenary Clan since the prestige and force of this group is known in the whole Richu Continent.

"I am Lin Xu and this is my wife Yang Hua. You are currently in Lin Martial Arts School. May I know who is this young master?" Master Lin introduced themselves in the most courteous way possible.

Hearing this, Feng Jun Yi is quite startled. 'No wonder they were able to defeat those assassins even though they are still considered kids.' "Zhen is called Feng Jun Yi. The current emperor of Gonglu country. Zhen thanks Master Lin. Your ancestor is my ancestor's benefactor and now your family is this Zhen's benefactor."

Master Lin's eyes widened. 'I was right. I hope this is a good thing that Xulian was able to save him'. Master Lin cupped his hands and bowed "Greetings your majesty. Please forgive us for not recognizing you." Beside him, Madame Lin also bowed in greeting. They didn't see the trembling emotions in her eyes. Being a wandering doctor she met a lot of royalties and have ideas of their nature. Her daughter is beautiful and talented, that is why they tried to hide her existence from the eyes of the imperial families throughout the continent. They are also afraid that they will use her to take control of the Lin Clan's power. She just hoped that this young emperor is not the same as them.

"You don't have to be polite Master Lin. The first emperor decreed that your Lin clan should be respected in honor of the fact that your ancestors are one of the pillars who built this empire. It is Zhen's honor to finally meet you."

A few moments later a student knocked and reported to Master Lin while panting "Master there a lot of people outside the gates requesting entrance. They said they were summoned by the emperor to this place. What should we do?" He is too confused with the current happenings. Not just him but everyone in the school and Xulian is no exception.

"Grant them entrance then guide them here. Tell everyone to be courteous."

"Yes Master!"

Moments later, a large entourage marched towards the courtyard where Feng Jun Yi is staying. They are lined up neatly and you can see that every movement is well disciplined like it was engraved deep in their bones. When they are finally in front of Feng Jun Yi, with a plop sound all of them kneeled in one knee and shouted with a strong booming voice "Greeting your majesty! Long live the emperor!"

Everyone present feels like they were hit by lightning after hearing their greetings. 'Emperor?! Did they hear correctly?'. Everyone is flabbergasted but Xulian had a different reaction. Her eyes looked like a shimmering gold and is grinning from ear to ear 'Emperor?! It means he's not just rich, he's filthy rich! It seems like I did not just catch a gold mine, but every gold mine in the country!' But afterwards her reaction gradually stiffens and her spirit dampened 'Can I still get back that list of bills? He is too rich that even if I made it triple or even four times more expensive he could still afford it. Ahhh~~~what a pity.'

After their greetings, some set up a screen in the room and helped Feng Jun Yi get dressed while the others requested everyone to be in the main hall to properly receive the emperor.

In the main hall everyone lined up neatly the way they were disciplined to do every time they are inside during gatherings. Moments later, Feng Jun Yi entered the hall in a yellow dragon robes with golden thread embroidery. It is a huge contrast to the first time they saw him, bathing in his own blood with ripped robes and deathly pale. Although he is still a little frail and still needs to be supported while walking, he's aura is still intimidating and full of power and authority. These seen cause the males to unconsciously lower their heads in reverence and the females' cheeks to turn red as an apple. The only one with different reaction Xulian. Her eyes are still emitting golden sparks and her head to continue calculating to increase the emperor's bills.

Feng Jun Yi sat down in the head master's seat and faced the crowd. They then cupped their hands and bowed in greetings to the emperor "Greetings your majesty! Long live the emperor!" Seeing this, the emperor's entourage is dissatisfied. For them their greeting is lacking. One of them was about to retort but Feng Jun Yi stopped him.

"This is the Lin Martial Arts School. They are the Lin clan, one of the pillars of this empire. This is more than enough to give me face as the emperor. Our ancestors are sworn brothers, even a simple bow should not be needed."

Hearing this, Feng Jun Yi kotowed "This servant asks for your majesty's forgiveness for my lack of knowledge." Feng Jun Yi waved his hand in dismissal and proceed to more important task at hand.


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