The Empress is Dead
7 Chapter 7 Decree and Phoenix Seal
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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7 Chapter 7 Decree and Phoenix Seal

Feng Jun Yi opened his palm towards one of his subordinates then a golden scroll is opened in front of him. He received the brush and an inkstone is placed at the side with finely grounded ink. "Young miss Lin, what is your name?" Feng Jun Yi expressionlessly ask Xulian who is at the very front of the crowd. "Ha?.....Oh! Replying the emperor, my name is Lin Xulian." Feng Jun Yi proceed in writing in the scroll. He looked so elegant that even though they had to wait quite a long time, they didn't show any impatience. After he's done, he handed it to one of his subordinates along with a red jade pendant.

"Young miss Lin please step forward and receive the decree." Although confused, Xulian stepped forward and receive the whatever decree they mean. "The young miss of Lin family, one of the pillars of the empire, Lin Xulian is virtuous, beautiful and talented. She is the emperor's benefactor and is able to save the whole empire. As a reward, the emperor bestows a marriage between young miss Lin Xulian and his majesty the emperor Feng Jun Yi. She will be married into the imperial family as the mother of the nation, The Empress! A power only below one, The Emperor, but above all others! End!" He handed the decree together with the red jade pendant representing the phoenix seal to Lin Xulian and expressionlessly moved aside.

"Congratulations to the Emperor! Congratulations to the future Empress!" The emperor's entourage's voices boomed in the whole hall that it's almost deafening but the people of the Lin clan looked like they didn't hear a thing at all. They are too silent. They're reaction varied. The women have a dreamy expression while the men are all looking pale and heartbroken. Master and Madame Lin on the other hand is full of worry but is determined to reject the decree. Being the Lin clan they can reject any decree anyway.

But they didn't even manage to voice out their objection before Xulian dropped a statement in a deadpan face. "I will not marry."

"Impudent! This is decree. The word of the emperor is gold and must be done no matter what! This crime is punishable with death in nine generations of your bloodline!" This statement of the person who read the decree made Xulian's expression turn cold. It feels like if the guy would utter another word, his blood would splatter inside the hall. Immense bloodlust and killing intent is directed towards him that his kneel almost buckle.

Feng Jun Yi slightly raise his arms to dismiss his subordinate and face Xulian and in an expressionless face said "Does young miss Lin have anyone she wishes to marry?" Xulian tilted her head to the side in deep thought for a few moments, then shook her head saying none. "Then Zhen suggests you accept this marriage. You are Zhen's and this empire's benefactor thus I will treat you well and with respect. Zhen would never force you to do things you don't want to do. You will have power second only to mine in this entire nation. This will boost the prestige and influence of the Lin Martial Arts School and the Lin Mercenary Clan."

Hearing this, Xulian succumb to deep thought seemingly considering the idea. Then Feng Jun Yi hammered the final nail that could crumble Xulian's resolve. "Also you'll be marrying to the imperial family so Zhen will be generous with my betrothal gift. It would be hundred times more than the medical bills you gave me. No, Zhen will make it a thousand time better, I will include the deed of land of the entire Beast Mountain that is part of the Gonglu country. You don't need to prepare your dowry; Zhen will handle it. After all your skills and knowledge in medicine and martial arts is enough for you to have a stable footing in any empire." Without much thought Xulian nodded her head in agreement.



Feng Jun Yi decided to set off back to the capital on that very day. The court must be restless now that he's been missing for more than a week. He's afraid that throne might not be his if he keeps idle. The palace still doesn't know what happened to him. The subordinates who came to fetch him are his people who went to the nearest town from the mountain to search for the emperor after he went missing for three days. They knew that the emperor visited his master who resides at the top of the mountain almost at the border of Gonglu country and Fanrong country. He smiled coldly when he thought of that half-brother his, the second price. 'I bet he's celebrating right now thinking he could finally snatch the throne. I should better uproot him in the court and cut off his wings. If only father, the previous emperor didn't give a decree for me not to kill him, he's would be long dead. He loved that spoiled incompetent child just because he is the son of his beloved concubine.'

"Your majesty, can this servant ask why you insist on marrying young miss Lin as your empress?" inquire by his subordinate who read the decree earlier.

"They can't beat my bloodline as the empress born and first prince. They also can't beat me in court and martial arts. And now their assassination failed. They would be aggressive and use women to control me next. If the previous emperor did not give a decree for me to choose my own empress, they would probably race to throw their own daughter in my bed. Lian'er would be the best choice; She could fight and protect herself and she is also a miraculous doctor. She's not difficult to rear at all." Feng Jun Yi sneered in their stupidity.


"Your majesty is wise." Then he moved to the side while stealing glances to the emperor trying to decipher if there is any underlying meaning to his statement.


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