The Empress is Dead
8 Chapter 8 Sis-con Big Brother
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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8 Chapter 8 Sis-con Big Brother

In an inn located in the capital city Zhongyang, a man in moon white robes stood in the balcony at the top most floor looking eastward where the Beast Mountain is located. His gorgeous face looked cold and emotionless, but if you look into his eyes they are filled with longing and doting that only one person can cause it. His face is almost sixty percent similar with Lin Xulian aside from his piercing phoenix eyes that could turn the hottest summer to freezing cold winter with just a glare.

His body emits an oppressive aura by just standing unmoving with his 185cm height, with eight packed abs that could make any woman drool. If Feng Jun Yi's appearance can make the heart flutter and their face turn pink, Lin Huang can make them pound hard and make their whole face red. He has immense sex appeal that even men can't escape. He is well known as the Jade Face Demon, the current leader of Lin Mercenary Clan. His name is Lin Huang, Lin Xulian's biological big brother who is five years older than her.

Despite being in demand with the ladies, he remained single because he has a high standard for a wife. He has to choose wisely since he wanted to be like his father, marrying only one but perfect woman. But if you ask him about his type of woman you would only get one simple answer, she should be comparable to his little sister. Because this seemingly almost perfect guy, has a huge case of sister complex!

His tranquil moment suddenly shattered by one of his subordinates' words "Young master, Master Lin sent a message…" Lin Huang knitted his brows slightly waiting for him to continue "…it is about young miss Lin." This caused his cold face to crack. His face finally showed emotions of both anxiety and worry. His father never called him home for Lin Xulian even though they all knew that she is quite a handful and mischievous. He can't help but think of the wildest and scariest thoughts possible.

"Rui!" he called his second in command. Hearing the way he was called by their young master, Rui entered the room with an anxious and alert expression.

"Here big brother Huang!" Rui is an orphan that Master and Madame Lin took in and gave the name Lin Rui.

"Let's go back, something happened to Lian'er. Be prepare to slaughter!"

"Certainly big brother!"

Lin Huang faced his subordinates "I trust you could finish the job yourselves. Rui and I will go back."

"Yes young master." Their current job request is just to guard a merchant from the capital back to their hometown. It is just a simple job in Lin Mercenary Clan's standards but that merchant requested them although they charge higher than normal. It is because of her daughter's request. He said he has to make sure of the safety of his precious daughter so money is irrelevant. But they knew it wasn't just that since they made sure to include young master Lin should be there personally escorting them. Right then they knew that it is another scheme of a fangirl.

'Young master's fame is like a double edge sword. I can only imagine that young lady's reaction when she discovers that young master would not be there. Hai….it would be a simple request turned troublesome.'


Lin Huang and Rui used their qigong and expend almost all their energy to arrive at Lin Martial Arts School in the fastest way possible. When they arrived it is during the morning exercise. All the students stopped and greet them enthusiastically. Seeing this the two was quite bewildered. They didn't sense any heavy atmosphere. It doesn't seem like something terrible happened.

The males looked at them full of admiration. They are after all the top two talents of the current generation of Lin Mercenary Clan. While for the females they are the top two most handsome man they've ever seen. Well, Rui dropped to third rank since he was replaced by Feng Jun Yi (poor Rui). But of course their big brother Huang remains at the top, they are bias after all.

When they entered the main courtyard, they saw Master and Madame Lin and Xulian at the garden drinking tea leisurely. Lin Huang's cold face immediately cracked and rushed to her precious darling little sister and gave her a big bear hug.

"Lian'er! Did you miss gege? Gege missed you so much~~! Are you well? Father rushed me home because of you. Did something happen? Did someone bully you? Tell big brother and I will rain terror to them! You have nothing to fear, okay?" Lin Huang dotingly expressed his resolve.

Lin Xulian, with displeased expression tried to struggle from her big brother's embrace "Big brother let go. Men and women should not be too intimate."

"I am your gege! I have the right to be intimate with you! And I told you quit calling me big brother, it felt distant. I regret going easy on you when we spar when you were fifteen and let you land me a blow. You stopped calling me gege." Lin Huang with a pitiful expression whined while refusing to let go of his sister.

The other three avert their gaze in this view. This is a huge secret they are keeping outside the Lin Clan. That their young master, The Jade Faced Demon is this childish and such a disgrace in front of his sister.

"Big brother I am not a child anymore. In fact father called you home to let you know that….." She paused enjoying the view of his eager and attentive expression "…..I am getting married!" she ended in a proud and full of smiles face.

On the other hand, her brother felt like he was hit by lightning and turned stone. His eyes dimmed and his face blanked. Rui is no better, he felt like he was smashed with a mountain.


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