The Empress is Dead
9 Chapter 9 Who Schemed Who
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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9 Chapter 9 Who Schemed Who

It took a lot of time for Lin Huang to regain himself but his blank expression turn into a scowl. He looked like he was about to murder someone. They bet if they say a wrong word he might go on a rampage.

"Who?" he ask in a low voice. It was too low that it was almost a whisper.

"Huh? Oh! You mean the man I'm betrothed to? His name is Feng Jun Yi." She only knew his name through the decree.

"Rui! Let's move!"

"Hey big brother where are you going? You just came back. Mother and Father haven't said anything yet! What an unfilial son…tsk tsk."

"Of course to find that Feng fella and peel his skin layer by layer before killing him! How dare he try to lay a finger on my precious darling baby sister?! Don't you dare protect him! Even though I dote on you but this guy stepped on my bottom line! Unforgivable!"

"No! Don't kill him big brother! It took me a lot of time and expend a lot of herbs and medicine to save his life. They would become useless then!"

Hearing the way his sister defend the man, Lin Huang is so furious and jealous that he is visibly trembling. He can't help but think that his baby sister had fallen in love and would be taken away for good. "Is he that important to you?! More important than me, your full blood related big brother?! Lin Xulian, I am your gege!"

Seeing his son's rage, Master Lin had to step out to cool down the situation "You see Huang'er killing that man is not that simple. He is Feng Jun Yi. You frequently went to the capital for work, so I am sure you've heard about him. He is the fourth emperor of this dynasty."

Lin Huang went silent for a moment but his rage didn't diminish. In fact it intensified. "Emperor huh? It won't be easy but not impossible. He is just an emperor not a god. I'll set up a plan. Although we don't do assassination but it doesn't mean we cant!"

"I told you big brother you can't! What's the use of me treating him of his injuries then? You would only throw away all my effort." Xulian became more and more frustrated.

"Calm down both of you! Huang'er sit down! You to Rui." Madame Lin commanded in a stern voice and everyone obeyed at once. Don't be fooled with her gentle appearance. In the Lin clan, her words are the law. After all for the both men they see her as the perfect woman. While Xulian looked up at her mother as her idol.

Realizing that there must be some misunderstanding somewhere in the situation Madame Lin narrate everything that happened to her son that resulted to the current predicament.

"So it means Lian'er saved his life and then he made her his empress?" Lin Huang wasn't convinced. He knew that the emperor is a cunning fellow. If not he won't be able to subdue all his five brothers vying for the throne. He can't help but worry about his sister. He wished he could stay with her and protect her. His sister haven't left the mountain all her life. They are talking about the capital here, and the palace at that. For him it looked like a fancy cage. His sister is like a bird, free willed. The palace doesn't suit her at all.

"I asked him for some gold but he was kind enough to give me a thousand times better offer. This way we can expand the school and provide better food and facility to the students. Also we could kick out those Beast Mountain Sect bastards. We can even slaughter them and the emperor won't bat an eye. I'm the empress after all."

Madame Lin can't help but point out how naïve her daughter's reasoning is. "Lian'er marriage isn't a simple matter. It would be forever. The back palace is like a battlefield for women. You'll be marrying the emperor. His harem will reach hundreds and dealing with those women, I don't know if you could manage. There is also a risk of having a loveless marriage." Her eyes was filled with worry.

"Mother don't worry, I don't really need love from other men. Big brother's love is more than enough that it's becoming too troublesome. I would make sure to benefit a lot from this marriage. If worse comes worst I'll just run away and chase the horizon and be a wandering doctor just like you." Xulian is full of confidence about her future plan. Scheming is one of her rare talent. Even the emperor is no exception.

"Lian'er, we are talking about the palace here. There are forces in there that could prevent you from escaping." Her mother can't help but regret that they didn't taught her daughter about the matters outside the clan. She views things too simply.

"Mother I bet they can't be better than father and big brother Huang. Even if they joined forces they could never prevent me from escaping them and I can even pull pranks along the way. Don't worry, when that time comes I could manage." They couldn't help but reluctantly accept her argument.

"I will go with her." Rui, who were silent the whole time suddenly offered. "I will go and enter the palace as her personal guard. That place is unfamiliar for young miss Xulian. She needed someone who is loyal to her. The emperor is indebted towards her. I'm sure that he will allow it if she asks." The three of them are thankful to Rui. But they could not help but be hurt for him. They all knew about his feelings towards Xulian aside from the dense girl. They could only imagine the pain of marrying off the woman you love and yet he was willing to face it head on.


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